10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Don't argue with destiny. It will kick your ass."

So I was on the fence about painting the tub teal until I saw these cabinet knobs and then I decided that I would not have found these knobs if I wasn't meant to paint that tub teal.  I'm going to test drive some teals this weekend, before I learn how to use the grinding wheel and resurface it.
Delphi Blue Milk Glass Hexagonal Knobs     And then I decided I liked this chandelier from anthropologie but it's 4800 dollars and since that is more than our roof will cost I'm going to try to make my own.  I picked out a cheap base from IKEA and I'm busy flattening old flatware...I'm pretty excited about it.  Matt keeps calling it the "fork-alier" so I think he's excited about it too.  I think I'm going to make it messier than the one from the shop, more forks and things closer together so it's a little more abstract.  I'll put up pictures when I get further along.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Medieval Fight Night two nights in a row? Man, my codpiece just got tighter."

We bought a tub for the house we don't have yet.  It's a vintage clawfoot and it's in really good shape.  A friend had been looking out for one for me and he found one and now it's ours.  It was a bad time in terms of prioritizing the budget but a good time in that it cost 90 percent less than the tub in the budget.  And it also needs to be painted.  I'd like to get the painting and grinding and cleaning done before the house gets into full swing.  It's something I can do probably better than banging nails and cutting timber joints.

I'm thinking of painting it a teal because I love teal and I really want to have some color in my very wood filled barn style house.  The problem is that I don't have a house yet and it might look awful and I'd kind of have to plan the whole bathroom around the giant blue tub.  I suppose the worst that could happen is that I might choose to repaint it later and have to do all the work again.

I guess I'm officially starting to decorate a house that isn't built yet.  I'm on the hunt for faucets and shower water hook up things and a sink and a whole bunch of things for the kitchen we need to find on the cheap.  I'll be at the ReStore every week from now till forever and searching ideas for cabinets and hardware.  Here we go, wallets at the ready!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"twice a week after work, I put on a totally realistic bear costume and hang out in the park"

So far I've lost 5 pounds by not eating carbs at dinner.  I hate cutting out things like that but it's not like south beach where it's verboten all the time, I just don't have spaghetti and bread for dinner...but I might still have it for lunch.  I made a giant batch of veggie chili for dinners and I have black bean soup planned for next week and spinach and white beans for some time in the future.  And when we pick up our new freezer I'll pop the individual servings in there and mix it up a little.  We're very excited about our new freezer and the new vintage bathtub, it's been a big week here...buying two expensive new house things.  This building a new house is starting to get expensive.  Maybe that's why I'm doing so well with my diet regime...too stressed out to eat!

Monday, May 09, 2011

"They insist the worst people can call it is "indifferent."

It's wonderful to know that I don't have pre-diabetes like everyone else I know.  It was starting to get a little worrying, all the pre-diabetic people I know coming out of the woodwork but we did this healthy consultation at work and my blood sugars are fine.  I'm massively relieved and now all I have to worry about is the paranoia and not the diabetes.

The weekend flew by and this morning if coming along slowly and beautifully.  We walked for an hour and a half and had breakfast and chased a porcupine up a tree (I don't know if chased is the right word, everyone was moving rather slowly considering the whole prey/predator thing) it's been a very busy morning and I still have twenty minutes before I have to leave for work.

I lost a pound last week and it's continuing to go down but I'm not thinking about it until next week.  I already weighed this week and I'm not doing it again until next week.  I'm not getting sucked into that weighing every day and going insane when it's a little bit up thing.  I'm all over that.  If it's down again next week I'll be happy and happy the week after that too but I'm not going to postulate about how skinny I will be if x happens every week for y weeks.  I'm leaving it at happy to fit in my smaller jeans because all of the jeans that fit me have holes.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"That's right. Once a month they send us a new cadaver whether we're finished with the old one or not."

Jolie refuses to learn her lesson in regards to porcupines.  I just spent a very unpleasant ten minutes holding her down and plucking the quills out.  It only took ten minutes because I drugged her first but I still lost my shit at the end and sat on her to get the last one out.  It's always the last one where you're so relieved to be almost done and then it takes another hour to get that last one.  I confess that I don't handle the frustration well and if I had kids they'd always be in therapy.  And I ripped my skirt.  I hate that.  I guess I should have used more drugs.

I lost two pounds planting all those trees.  And since Matt did most of the work he lost three.  I'm working really hard on keeping to my meal plans and avoiding sugar because it makes me feel terrible when I have too much.  I'm keeping up with my pilates and I've added squats and some interval training to my morning dog walk/hike.  A walk doesn't seem like enough calories but a hike seems like too many.  But a walk implies flatness and even breathing and our walks definitely aren't even.  Much like measuring food and calories, getting a real idea of calories burnt during exercise is important too and I'm terrible at that.  So much to work on.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Every day you shower and every day I have to scent you again

Every year we plant apple trees and every year we don't get any better at it.  It hurts A LOT every year.  No matter how much we learn from the last year or plan for the current year there is still a lot of digging and lugging and ouching.  We also mulched and fertilized the other thirty trees and I guess that's why I hurt so much.  We plant 10-12 at a time which doesn't seem so many but when you do it every year you end up with a whole bunch and when you walk around to all those trees with heavy bags of poo it is really unpleasant.  

We're very much hoping to get an apple this year.  I'm prepared to do just about anything to make one of those trees grow fruit.  If I have to lug poo around to all those trees every day I want an apple this year.  Just one from all this work and time.  We really don't want to wait for apples until we're dead, as per why we try to plant so many when we're "young".  I have hope because we did get a cherry last year, it was beautiful until the birds ate it. 

Our gardening plans are a lot smaller this year because we plan to build a house and being humans who work day jobs we can only do so much.  A lot of the food we grew last year lasted all winter.  We still have cans of beets and plenty of potatoes and one last carrot in the fridge.  We plan to grow all these things again this year but that's pretty much it.  So just the one apple would be pretty awesome as far as gardening prowess.  Even a tiny one.  A very tiny one would be fine.  As long as the birds don't get it.