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Monday, May 02, 2011

Every day you shower and every day I have to scent you again

Every year we plant apple trees and every year we don't get any better at it.  It hurts A LOT every year.  No matter how much we learn from the last year or plan for the current year there is still a lot of digging and lugging and ouching.  We also mulched and fertilized the other thirty trees and I guess that's why I hurt so much.  We plant 10-12 at a time which doesn't seem so many but when you do it every year you end up with a whole bunch and when you walk around to all those trees with heavy bags of poo it is really unpleasant.  

We're very much hoping to get an apple this year.  I'm prepared to do just about anything to make one of those trees grow fruit.  If I have to lug poo around to all those trees every day I want an apple this year.  Just one from all this work and time.  We really don't want to wait for apples until we're dead, as per why we try to plant so many when we're "young".  I have hope because we did get a cherry last year, it was beautiful until the birds ate it. 

Our gardening plans are a lot smaller this year because we plan to build a house and being humans who work day jobs we can only do so much.  A lot of the food we grew last year lasted all winter.  We still have cans of beets and plenty of potatoes and one last carrot in the fridge.  We plan to grow all these things again this year but that's pretty much it.  So just the one apple would be pretty awesome as far as gardening prowess.  Even a tiny one.  A very tiny one would be fine.  As long as the birds don't get it.


The Merry said...

Wait... what happened to all the trees that you plant? Did they all go to the Great Nursery in the Sky? Or are they all just sitting there growing and leafing and blossoming but not fruiting? How long does it take to get an apple from a planted tree?
Why yes, I did just plant a couple apples and a cherry tree this spring. Does it show?

Amy said...

they're all still there...it takes at least 5 years to get fruit...depending on the maturity of the trees you plant. our oldest trees are planted 4 years and it's just a wish on my part to get fruit this year. next year it's a demand.

MayQueen said...

It's been so long since I've been scented . . .