10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, May 09, 2011

"They insist the worst people can call it is "indifferent."

It's wonderful to know that I don't have pre-diabetes like everyone else I know.  It was starting to get a little worrying, all the pre-diabetic people I know coming out of the woodwork but we did this healthy consultation at work and my blood sugars are fine.  I'm massively relieved and now all I have to worry about is the paranoia and not the diabetes.

The weekend flew by and this morning if coming along slowly and beautifully.  We walked for an hour and a half and had breakfast and chased a porcupine up a tree (I don't know if chased is the right word, everyone was moving rather slowly considering the whole prey/predator thing) it's been a very busy morning and I still have twenty minutes before I have to leave for work.

I lost a pound last week and it's continuing to go down but I'm not thinking about it until next week.  I already weighed this week and I'm not doing it again until next week.  I'm not getting sucked into that weighing every day and going insane when it's a little bit up thing.  I'm all over that.  If it's down again next week I'll be happy and happy the week after that too but I'm not going to postulate about how skinny I will be if x happens every week for y weeks.  I'm leaving it at happy to fit in my smaller jeans because all of the jeans that fit me have holes.

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Rebecca said...

onward and downward to both of us..

i refused to step on the scale...my preggo looking belly told me all i needed to know. =)