10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, December 20, 2013

" I realize certain words were exchanged. Also, certain... bullets."

This is one of the skirts I got on sale at the limited, 
I wish it was a little bit shorter but i can always take it up.  I wanted to wear it to work for the christmas party so I chose the black turtle neck sweater and black tights/shoes so it doesn't fight the shiny sequins.

Truly awful fashion photos, i suppose i could at least wash the mirror, but if i wait for things to be perfect nothing would ever get posted...so this picture is new trouser jeans and a pretty blue shirred sweater from the limited.  they got me with their 50% off sale and i ordered a ridiculous ton of stuff.  Unfortunately I love almost all of it.  The vest is required for work but it doesn't bother me too much with this outfit.

Rebecca called this nordic chic!  this is the worst picture of them all but it was a snow day, no time to clean!  A pop of color in my tank top, navy blue sweater, black tweed skirt/ black wool tights and the best sorel boots ever made.  well one of them.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Ten percent of nothing is, let me do the math here, nothing into nothing, carry the nothin'...

listing things on ebay is a serious pain in the ass.  I've been finally getting rid of all the things i've been keeping just incase i want to wear them or incase i lose ten pounds or whatever.  it's helping pay for all the new clothes that hopefully look decent and haven't been sitting in my closet since the ice age.  

speaking of, it's beautiful and snowy today.  it's my 33rd birthday and it's been pretty uneventful.  listing on ebay, baking cookies for the work party.  boring normal everyday stuff.  should there be some revelation as the birthdays stack up.  we're working on our house, trying to buy a new car since the maxima died, two happy healthy dog kids.  not much but contentment on this birthday.  i suppose thats a good thing yeah?  

as always waiting to find the sequence of things that keeps my body at a healthy weight but not fighting for it as much as i sometimes have.  I'm so lucky in so many ways, happy and healthy with a warm place to live and clothes and coats to wear.  Lucky enough even if my jeans are never a smaller size.  

Sunday, December 01, 2013

first try at royal icing...

This is my first try at cookies with royal icing.  I'm super impressed that it came out so well without crying.  The cookie dough was wonderful.  The flavor of the unfrosted cookies is a little bland but the dough was amazing to work with.  

  The icing is from King Arthur Flour's site.  I used just whites because hannaford doesn't sell meringue powder.  It was very easy to work with too.  The moose I added cocoa to to make them brown made it a little more tricky to work with but only half of them look like they've contracted mange so that's a win in my book.