10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Teach a man to insult, he can hurt people who tease him because he never learned to fish"

I have the day off today because I am a bad cat mom.  Chairman meow is old and the dogs keep her from scratching to keep her nails under control so the last time we trimmed her nails, saturday, we found two ingrown nails.  I was terrified she would have to have those toes removed or the nails removed or the removal of something that would be expensive and painful and guilt causing.  I took the whole day off just incase I needed to sit in a waiting room and weep and lo it was fine.  They trimmed her nails, they aren't even infected, and it only cost 70 bucks.  I was expecting more guilt and more cost and more pain all around so I'm very relieved.  And I got my last christmas present made.  I just have to wrap two more things and I'm done.

I'm not quite done my purging but I'm getting a lot closer and we're all liking the house a lot more.  I keep finding more and more things to take to goodwill and say goodbye to and it's awesome.  I'm so glad I watched hoarders, I genuinely didn't see our tendencies for what they were before seeing those sad sad people on tv.  The living room and the kitchen are looking better and now I have to work on the bedroom and finish up in the bathroom.  It is definitely one of those jobs that never gets done, there is always something else you really need to say goodbye to.  I would be proud if I hadn't lived under the weight of all this junk for SO LONG but I guess it's never too late to get your shit together.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

"like a fawn in the woods, but tough, like a fawn in the woods with a machine gun."

So, it's been awhile.  Work has been interesting for both of us and my birthday is coming and my mil is weird and I guess I don't really want to talk about any of it, at least not yet.  Matt and I are working on birthday plans but I guess I don't have a clear vision of becoming thirty.  My younger self probably figured I'd be dead by now or something.  No one could ever be as old as thirty.  There is a cute Japanese restaurant in Bangor we haven't tried yet and that might be what we do.  Matt will give me his whole day if I can figure out what I want to do with it.

In exercise news snow shoeing season is here.  We have over a foot of snow and it's kicking my ass, or more accurately my quads.  Our three mile walk is now a one mile walk which takes just as long and hopefully burns as many calories.  It feels like as many calories and my pants are getting bigger.  Which could just mean that my ass is stretching them...but I'm hoping it's a five pound loss.  I would know for sure if I could get to my scale which I can't because I have a hoarders amount of laundry in front of it so I don't have an accurate reading just a feeling...in my pants.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"Power. We make that. Technology. We make that. Cows. Well, no. We don't make cows"

So yesterday's blog was supposed to be about aquave syrup.  Which I freaking love.  I had been drinking more and more sugar in my tea and instead of doing something sensible  like using less sugar or say measuring it I just got more and more nauseas every time I made tea.  YAY!  Until I found a bottle of aquave I forgot about behind some other stuff in my cupboards.  It is awesome in my tea, I love it.  And now I'm running out and it's expensive and I have this urge to stop at marshalls and but a few bottles because obviously I am a hoarder and that's why that show bothered me so much.

I mentioned in a comment that I really wanted to stay home yesterday and clean up my house.  We always say that our house is messy because we don't have a lot of space and that is ALL true.  We don't have a lot of room and both of us are savers of things we might need.  I have a stack of martha stewarts I never open. Like never.  He has an incomplete set of 40 year old encyclopedia's.  They're both in my living room and I'm getting rid of them this weekend.  Mine I am taking to goodwill his will go in a box because you never know when you might need encyclopedia info from 1955.

As per forgetting I had the aquave syrup, I have a lot of cooking supplies.  Does is count as hoarding if they all get used...eventually.  It's not like I have an emotional attachment to chocolate chips, I just bake a lot and I buy a lot...especially when on sale.  Does it only count as hoarding if you name your chocolate chips and then refuse to eat them?