10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Yes, cattle! What were you thinking? Uh, they looked smaller in the catalog?"

I'm watching hoarders while I shop on amazon which is REALLY confusing.  Is season one of burn notice a hoarding item, it's not like I NEED to have it although you never know when you need go on the run.  Educational.  It is a little hard to watch because it does make me think of all the things I don't put in the goodwill bag because I might need it someday.  I'll have to really think about Merry and her purge next time I clean the house.  I have strong desires to dump everything every once in a while but it's just not practical to fit the whole sink in a goodwill bag.

I had like a purpose for blogging and whooosh, it went out of my head because netflix has hoarders to watch instantly.  Bastards.  It's totally their fault.  Now my anxiety level is just too high to blog.  Sigh.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"we love nature, even when it’s being mean or just acting stupid"

It is very cold and very windy and until recently very out of powery.  The wind seems to have died down a bit so I feel confident starting my thanksgiving baking tonight.  Which is of course why I am blogging.  To prepare.  For the baking.  It's the first step in Joy of Cooking, I swear.  Anyway, I am making chocolate and ginger tarts for tomorrow.  I'm also making roasted vegetables and maple butter acorn squash in the morning.  I also need a roll recipe...or a cornbread...I can't decide.  Squashy nutritionless white rolls covered in butter are the tradition in my family but then half of us are pre-diabetic so maybe I shouldn't take my culinary cues from tradition.  I'm going to search for a new recipe tonight, maybe something with a grain.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"chickens that lay 16 eggs a day, which is a lot for a chicken"

Now that all our hens are laying we get a ton of eggs a day.  Or is it a gaggle?  anyway, whoa.  I mean that was actually the point of getting more chickens...more eggs.  but dude, collecting them is becoming a pain. If I had know what i was getting in to I'd have taken up juggling first.  It's all part of the "amy needs to plan better" initiative.  Take the carton in to the coop.  Cook food to take for lunch so you don't end up buying and then eating cheetos for lunch.  Cheetos, uhm, bright and orange but not actually having the nutrients.

Its going to be a long week at work, short handed everywhere and probably very quiet.  I have a book and that'll probably be the highlight of the week.  that and pie.  i'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"They can take our loneliness when they pry it from our cold, sad hands."

It is raining and winding and very unpleasant outside and if I didn't have two beautiful furry doggies that needed a nice long walk there is no way I would have gone outside.  If I didn't have dogs I would weigh six thousand pounds and eat cake all day.  As it is if I ate cake all day I wouldn't be able to walk our three miles every morning and my dogs would be mad at me.  As it is three miles isn't enough to tire the small dog, who continues to bark at her toys when they are two inches out of her reach.  Grrr.  Aaargh.  

I just received my bra order and I was totally disappointed in the Natori bras which are totally not the size marked and made me feel like a whale.  The Le Mystere bra is awesome, not sexy necessarily but very comfortable and supportive.  I've been attacking Matt with breast queries all evening.  What do you think of my breasts in this bra, and with this shirt on?  He's a little overwhelmed by breasts at the moment.  Poor guy...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"With great breasts come great responsibility"

I attempted to buy new brassieres yesterday at victoria's secret and there was not one single bra in my size in the whole store.  Not one.  It makes me doubt their dedication to breasts.  So I looked at zappos and lo there are some awesome bras with very good reviews they also have huge price tags which makes me doubt my dedication to my breasts.  I'll have to have a good long think about it and the service to price relationship when it comes to me spending my money.  

I've been cooking all day and I really messed up a pumpkin pie.  I cut and peeled and steamed a pumpkin and when I strained it to add it to the pie recipe I strained a bit too much and if I had a brain I would have added some water back in from the straining bowl...but I have no brain and now I have quite a stiff pumpkin...dessert...which I haven't tasted yet but if it is indeed edible I will call it a rustic pumpkin tart and tell myself I'm a genius.  Next time I will roast the pumpkin which seems to be the preferred method for optimum pumpkininess and I certainly will not strain every last drop of moisture out of it.  Fortunately I have 8 more pumpkins to peel, cook and smash so I have plenty of practice ahead of me.  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"But I haven't spent any money, I was all dead...and frugal."

I dunno blogging is just not a priority lately.  I can't do it at work, where I'm not supposed to use the internet at all even to check my personal email.  This is going to be the longest winter in the history of ever.  We'll have to get a chessboard or something because there's nothing else we're allowed to do.  Except work, that there isn't much of which to do.  If I didn't know that they needed me whether there is work or not I'd be really worried.  As it is, I'm worried I'll go completely insane this winter.

Daylight savings time is here and it's a pain in the rump.  I hate it.  I don't remember hating it this much last year but probably because I was self-employed and not working a boring and rigidly houred job.  We're taking extra long walks in the morning, and since matt measured our usual walk at 2.5 miles we're doing pretty well.  I'm not shifting any weight personally but the dogs are happy.  I have to get back into pilates to move any pounds and I just can't, my priority right now is keeping the house clean and it's hard.  Actually keeping on top of it instead of being consistently behind is a challenge.  I'd have to wash the dogs at the door to really keep on top of it, or send them out in those suits crime scene people wear on tv shows.  Which would be kind of awesome and adorable.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

"pay me for my beauty, i have been paying for it all of my life.

Halloween was awesome.  We went to Salem, Mass and walked 7 million miles of outdoor market and blustery wharfs and ate a lot of food and had fun with sarah!  We were all pooped when we got home, doggies included and we fell asleep at 8 pm because we are old.  Trick or treating with the kids was fun and also freezing and they did it on sunday which seemed kind of insane.  I know that day is actually halloween but a lot of houses were dark and there weren't that many kids out.

We're still waiting to hear who's taking the governor's race in Maine.  The republican has a one percent lead on the independent candidate with 80% of precincts reporting.  I have my fingers crossed for a sudden bump or a favorable re-count, anything but social conservatism.

The days are starting to get unpleasantly short and I know it's just the beginning.  The dark months are the worst months ever and it makes getting my furries enough exercise a serious pain in the rump, let alone my exercise needs.  I am looking forward to snowshoeing I just wish I wasn't going to be doing it in the dark!