10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"If I did have a baby it would have nothing to do with whether I had my underwear up"

I read this article today about cooking and eating and julia child.  There was a very interesting point about the Food Network not actually trying to encourage people to cook more, which is obvious when you think about it but is something I've never considered before.  Julia Child did encourage people to cook and to be confident in the kitchen and to love cooking for more than just having a meal.  It puts me in mind of the times I look up a new recipe and half the ingredients are cans of soup and mixes of this or that.  That to me is not cooking, preparing food yes, but really cooking no.  If the recipe is half cans of something it's not really a recipe in my estimation.

I'm recently back on my thyroid medication and cooking and eating is easy again.  A hundred years ago when I lost some weight I remember everything feeling really easy.  And then I went off my medication because my doctor was an idiot and I was not a good advocate for myself and things got hard for a very long time.  it's wonderful to have good choices feel easy and I'm really looking forward to hopefully reaping some weightloss benefits from all these good choices.  I am working toward losing a little weight and wearing some of my favorite clothes again.  I'm not trying to push myself or put forward unreasonable goals but I feel so wonderful.  I'm doing pilates every day and feeling amazing.  After years of imperfect teasers I am finally back on track and I'm genuinely looking forward to feeling this good for a long time.