10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Running just annoys them."

Sometimes I look at my blog and I think, wow...it's been that long since I blogged?  and then i think wow, nothing has happened at all that anyone would want to blog about, or read about.  Working part-time is a full time job.  seriously.  I must have a serious time management problem because I get nothing done.  The house just barely runs with enough clean dishes and laundry and groceries.  The dogs get walked at what we would consider a minimum at only 1 to 1.5 hours a day.

What do I have to talk about?  Recently we started watching White Collar and I decided I love the casting department for that show.  All of the women are beautiful and round and while they're not fat by any normal standard...they aren't skinny with bones sticking out hither and thither.  It's pretty awesome to see curvy sexy women on tv who aren't starving themselves.

I've been trying to make the most of my body the way it is and I've been dressing completely differently.  I've been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts and seriously I never knew how easy it was to wear dresses.
I have always been weary of wearing dresses and skirts and now that I am an adult I have no idea why.  Lately it's been all dresses and boots and it must work for me because I spend half my time tallying up admiring gazes.  Good for the self esteem.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Puppies where they belong, safe in the house making a mess of the bed.  

"it's like dog racism"

My sister goes back to Prague this week so this weekend was my last cross New England drive to sit and watch reality tv and eat too much at the family homestead.  There is a certain relief although I'll miss all the fun we have together doing nothing.  This weekend was kind of not the best because I've had to pick up extra hours at work and I have some kind of terrible summer cold and my other sister's kids are on crack oh and also my baby got attacked by a pit bull.

I suppose technically if he was really attacked he'd be dead but I don't have a better adjective.  And I don't want to be the person that says all the pit bulls in the world are evil because this one owner is a moron but holy shit it was scary.  We always walk our dogs on leash away from home because I could not deal if something happened and my woofs got lost.  Not at all.  So we're very diligent about being on leash and screaming at the children to CLOSE THE DOOR, NOW!  NO, NOW!

We were walking on leash behind my dads house where we always walk and we never see anyone, not even the very often off leash cocker spaniel who lives next door and frequents the same path.  We turned up toward the college and we saw a guy walking one dog off leash...so we went the other way.  Why ask for trouble?  So we're on the path and begging the dogs to transact their business and all of a sudden thunder paws from down the dirt road and whooze and yelp and there is a very large pit bull with his very large mouth on Knox's neck.  Knox's instinct must be to play dead because he threw himself to the ground in the face of this scary ass dog.  Matt was able to grab that dog by it's collar and pull it off but then he had that dog and knox's leash all tied up, when the other two smaller pit bulls arrived.  And they were fine, they didn't growl or bark or even get close to us before their owner arrived but we didn't know that situation would continue.  The owner comes pounding after them and is obviously terrified that our dog is hurt and I don't know if that's because this has happened before or because it hasn't, but he did say that the big one is the only that's "like that" so it strikes me he knows there's a problem there and still had him off leash.  I feel for the guy because those were strong dogs that need a good run in the woods and the smaller two were fine.  He's clearly not an altogether bad owner but if my dad's wasp neighborhood ever hear there were three unleashed pits back there they will have a collective wasp style cow.

The two smaller pit bulls were fine and even Jolie said hello to them while he got them all on leash.  And the big one submitted to the owner immediately but whoa, it was altogether unpleasant.  I don't want to be one of those people who blames a breed because it could have been any kind of dog with (let's assume) a history of that behavior but the dude should have had that particular dog on a leash.  I didn't tell my dad because damn, he hates pit bulls for no other reason than he heard he was supposed to on the news one time.  My sister reacted similarly but she's only been bitten once and it was by a pomeranian (to no one's surprise).

It was something I knew could happen, either with an off leash dog or at a dog park but I was completely unprepared for actually happening.  We've watched enough dog whisperer to not freak out and start screaming and escalate things and hopefully that helped.  And hopefully we'll be more prepared for the unexpected next time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Well, what if the baby killed a man?"

I haven't been blogging.  I try to find the time and seriously I'm no that busy but somehow the interwebs just fall by the wayside.  I've been running a lot lately.  I've had to rebuild some of my running stamina but I was pretty proud of my morning and evening runs.  See that, TWO episodes of running.  Spastic as I know they were, I still feel accomplished.  Every bit of running or walking is not time spent eating cookies so that's positive.

Lately I've been spending most of my time working and the rest of it working on myself.  I have been trying to work on boundaries especially with obligations, especially with matt's family obligations.  I have some issues to work out there and I'm trying to work them out without making things worse but also without spending the rest of my life doing things I don't want to do with people I don't want to be with.  It's kind of hard and there isn't a whole lot of understanding.  And maybe there shouldn't be, maybe it's wrong to distance yourself from situations like that but what we have going on is not working and I'm reaching that point in my life where I don't want to put up with things that don't work for me.  I guess I'm realizing that I don't have to put up with things that don't work for me and that I never did but I was too young or something to know that.

I suppose it's never too late to start living your life for real, instead of just going through the motions.  I know I'm not the only person reaching that point, PQ moving because she wanted to and Rebecca starting an exciting new career and I'm sure many of you are reaching a crossroads too.  Where are we all going, whither are we bound?  Who knows eh, excited to see where the road goes though...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

another pound hits the dust!

I've decided that that pound is gone forever so I put it up on the title bar.  I'm at training today and tomorrow and it sucks hard.  Seriously.  But I'm trying real hard to be a grown up and do the corporate thing and not make enemies or burn bridges with my cynicism.  Trying REAL hard.  I did get some shopping in though, so that's good.  I got some black slouchy cowboy boots to match the brown ones I already have...because I love the crap out of them and I wear the crap out of them which I never thought I would.  I would not have called myself a cowboy boot person but it seems that I am and I have been wearing them to work which may or may not be dress code but no one mentioned anything today at training.

I have to admit I feel chic when I wear them.  I like them with casual skirts and dresses and business skirts too.  I've been wearing wide leather belts Deschanel sisters style because it's supposed to give people the impression that I have hips...which is a good thing.  Course when I wear them every day it's less of a fashion statement and more like a uniform.  To be even more tv gorgeous I bought a Mrs. Harris dress today because there is no gorgeous like Joan gorgeous.  I'll get some pics when I have a chance.

The hotel where I'm staying is dog friendly and there's a storm tonight, the woof staying next door is seriously freaked out and it's breaking my heart.  It's making me miss my pups but I've got to say it's nice to have no responsibilities for an evening except shopping and eating.  Not so great for that one pound loss but I made good choices and I have a ton leftover...good thing my suite has a fridge!

Monday, August 09, 2010

"Diversity--just the thought of it makes these white people smile."

So, New Hampshire was fun and now I am tired.  And the doggies are even tireder.  We went to a flea market where I got no bargains and some horrible old man told me I'm abusing Jolie because she wears a collar and it strains her neck when she's trying to kill a Doberman Pinscher.  Yes.  I'm abusing my dog because she pulls when she's behaving badly.  Uh huh.  Thanks old white man, your opinion like all those of your kind, is IRREFUTABLE.  It was weird.

Friday, August 06, 2010

"Maybe I'm too funny. Maybe I was joking about not getting your joke."

Well, geez.  This is gross.  Gap, shame on you dudes.  As if 20 dollar tank tops wasn't annoying enough now we're not good enough to wear 60 dollar shorts.  Maybe I'm focusing on the money because I'm feeling broke lately.  I think it relates to getting paid.  Getting paid in theory is way more exciting than getting paid in reality because when we get paid in reality we also have to pay bills in reality and we can't spend all that pretend money at zappos on black knee boots because I'm just not in the right profession to make that profitable.  

On the other hand, I have made quite an impression on some of my former customers because there have been exclamations at seeing me back at work.  Burly adult men who work very hard at very hard jobs like lobster fishing and logging are giddy at the sight of me.  What does that mean?  Maybe I should re-evaluate my wardrobe.  

I might be spending my weekend in new hampshire but I'm seriously hoping my sister is otherwise engaged and I can spend the weekend home alone doing laundry.  Laundry sounds awesome.  Visiting my sister is awesome too but laundry and getting ahead at home sounds so great.  What also sounds great is not getting set back a few pounds by eating out and sitting around at my dad's hanging out.  I'd really like a break to keep moving forward or downward or whatever.  Some time and space alone to work and walk doggies and just get balanced would be amazing.  But geez, the girl only visits once a year and I have to take advantage of that and stop whining because the pounds to lose are many and the sisters are few.  

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"My door is always opened for you. Please, close it in your way out."

Wow, I've been really busy lately.  I'm actually really busy right now.  I have to take puppy to get her hips checked before work and walk the dogs and shower and put on clothes and whoa I have zero time for blogging but I just bought shoes and now here i am typing.  more and more shoes from zappos.  I am having a footwear love affair lately, particularly with some cowboy boots I got from marshalls which I wear with everything.  Why I would need more shoes when I wear those boots every day...but I soldier on with my shopping...