10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"That's right. Once a month they send us a new cadaver whether we're finished with the old one or not."

Jolie refuses to learn her lesson in regards to porcupines.  I just spent a very unpleasant ten minutes holding her down and plucking the quills out.  It only took ten minutes because I drugged her first but I still lost my shit at the end and sat on her to get the last one out.  It's always the last one where you're so relieved to be almost done and then it takes another hour to get that last one.  I confess that I don't handle the frustration well and if I had kids they'd always be in therapy.  And I ripped my skirt.  I hate that.  I guess I should have used more drugs.

I lost two pounds planting all those trees.  And since Matt did most of the work he lost three.  I'm working really hard on keeping to my meal plans and avoiding sugar because it makes me feel terrible when I have too much.  I'm keeping up with my pilates and I've added squats and some interval training to my morning dog walk/hike.  A walk doesn't seem like enough calories but a hike seems like too many.  But a walk implies flatness and even breathing and our walks definitely aren't even.  Much like measuring food and calories, getting a real idea of calories burnt during exercise is important too and I'm terrible at that.  So much to work on.

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