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Friday, April 22, 2011

"I wear very expensive shoes made from very soft animals."

Matt just discovered petfinder for himself.  We adopted Jolie from petfinder but I'm the one who oooh'd and aaaah'd for days at all the cute puppies.  He was looking for the pictures of some dogs his co-worker is adopting from the south (Yay for him, that's awesome!) and he discovered they have sheep and cows and all kinds of animals on there.  He had the best time and he really wants to adopt a cow from california who just retired from being a teaching animal at a vet school.  I'm not sure the california cow adoption thing is going to work out but I'm happy that he discovered how much fun petfinder can be.

I don't know what's going on with the shower except my anxiety level is ridiculously high and now we have easter.  Can I tell you I completely forgot about easter?  Because I did.  My mother was a nun but seriously easter means nothing to me beyond giving children candy.  Matt might be working, which he's never done on a holiday in the history of ever, but it's actually true and I don't think MIL believed me.  I mean, it's not even her house she's inviting us to.  You can't really invite people to someone else's house. That's not really how it works.  If the sil wanted us there she'd invite us and not half an hour before so i guess they don't want us there.

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