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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"Power. We make that. Technology. We make that. Cows. Well, no. We don't make cows"

So yesterday's blog was supposed to be about aquave syrup.  Which I freaking love.  I had been drinking more and more sugar in my tea and instead of doing something sensible  like using less sugar or say measuring it I just got more and more nauseas every time I made tea.  YAY!  Until I found a bottle of aquave I forgot about behind some other stuff in my cupboards.  It is awesome in my tea, I love it.  And now I'm running out and it's expensive and I have this urge to stop at marshalls and but a few bottles because obviously I am a hoarder and that's why that show bothered me so much.

I mentioned in a comment that I really wanted to stay home yesterday and clean up my house.  We always say that our house is messy because we don't have a lot of space and that is ALL true.  We don't have a lot of room and both of us are savers of things we might need.  I have a stack of martha stewarts I never open. Like never.  He has an incomplete set of 40 year old encyclopedia's.  They're both in my living room and I'm getting rid of them this weekend.  Mine I am taking to goodwill his will go in a box because you never know when you might need encyclopedia info from 1955.

As per forgetting I had the aquave syrup, I have a lot of cooking supplies.  Does is count as hoarding if they all get used...eventually.  It's not like I have an emotional attachment to chocolate chips, I just bake a lot and I buy a lot...especially when on sale.  Does it only count as hoarding if you name your chocolate chips and then refuse to eat them?


pinky pinkerson said...

are you anywhere near a Trader Joe's? Agave syrup is super cheap there.

Amy said...

there is one near my dad's house, thanks thats a great idea!