10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Yes, cattle! What were you thinking? Uh, they looked smaller in the catalog?"

I'm watching hoarders while I shop on amazon which is REALLY confusing.  Is season one of burn notice a hoarding item, it's not like I NEED to have it although you never know when you need go on the run.  Educational.  It is a little hard to watch because it does make me think of all the things I don't put in the goodwill bag because I might need it someday.  I'll have to really think about Merry and her purge next time I clean the house.  I have strong desires to dump everything every once in a while but it's just not practical to fit the whole sink in a goodwill bag.

I had like a purpose for blogging and whooosh, it went out of my head because netflix has hoarders to watch instantly.  Bastards.  It's totally their fault.  Now my anxiety level is just too high to blog.  Sigh.


Rebecca said...

DUDE my mom saw an episode of Hoarders where the lady didnt realize she had a homeless person living in her basement because she had blocked the entrance to the basement and could never get down there. He came in off the street through the storm door!

freaky right?

The Merry said...

Just don't bring your stuff over to my house. Please. I mean, you and the scooby gang are welcome, but no stuff! (See? Just the thought of 'stuff' makes me break out in exclamation points.)

Amy said...

Dude, that show is messing with me. I definitely have piles I intend to deal with that are now covered with dust and obviously if I don't deal with them RIGHT NOW I'll turn into one of the tv show crazies. I also called out of work yesterday to stay home and clean.

I'm packing my car for goodwill. I always mean to take stuff there and it never goes. Because I am lazy or because I habitually forget or because I really don't want to give it away...I don't think it's the latter but after such a long time you start to wonder...