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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"We can't leave work in the middle of the day. We're not Somali pirates."

I have felt pretty much like poo for the last week.  I have not been drinking enough water, getting enough outdoor exercise and I definitely have not been making time for pilates.  Fortunately, the long days at work are over for me.  I am now a completely useless person who can only function with a part time job.  Actually, if I had a full time job in a place where the sun came up early and went down late all year it would probably be fine.  Getting everyone enough exercise on a morning i have to be at work early is vastly unpleasant.  And soon getting everyone enough exercise at night is going to be no fun too so the morning walk is going to mean more and more this winter.

I mentioned already that yesterday's stroll was truncated and damn my legs felt all cramped all day.  I was stretching in all kinds of ridiculous positions but really I just needed my morning walk.  It's amazing how your body gets used to your choices and is pissed when things go wrong.  It's clear to me also that I haven't been drinking enough water so I'm on a tea and soda ban until I feel better.  i have just not been trying and seriously how hard is it to drink water.  Sometimes it seems the hours just pass by at work and my water bottle comes home full like when I left.  tsk tsk, that's not gonna work.  So it's my mission for the rest of the week to empty that bottle a few times at work.

We had a long talk yesterday at work about going vegan and all the things we would miss.  Next week I'm going to pick up a few vegan dairy free things and see how i like them.  I'm finding it harder and harder to eat animal products, for purely sappy emotional reasons.  I was making beef stew for matt this weekend and all i saw were these cute cows i pass on the way home...they like to eat apples off the trees in their pasture and the babies wag their tails for their mommies.  They're so damn cute, how can i make them into stew!

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rosie333 said...

Can I just tell you that the title to this post made me laugh out loud. I read it again. I laughed again.
Love the blog!