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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

"pay me for my beauty, i have been paying for it all of my life.

Halloween was awesome.  We went to Salem, Mass and walked 7 million miles of outdoor market and blustery wharfs and ate a lot of food and had fun with sarah!  We were all pooped when we got home, doggies included and we fell asleep at 8 pm because we are old.  Trick or treating with the kids was fun and also freezing and they did it on sunday which seemed kind of insane.  I know that day is actually halloween but a lot of houses were dark and there weren't that many kids out.

We're still waiting to hear who's taking the governor's race in Maine.  The republican has a one percent lead on the independent candidate with 80% of precincts reporting.  I have my fingers crossed for a sudden bump or a favorable re-count, anything but social conservatism.

The days are starting to get unpleasantly short and I know it's just the beginning.  The dark months are the worst months ever and it makes getting my furries enough exercise a serious pain in the rump, let alone my exercise needs.  I am looking forward to snowshoeing I just wish I wasn't going to be doing it in the dark!

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The Merry said...

Suggestion du jour: Fluorescent snowshoes.
Ones that cast a faint glow so you can see the big snowdrift that you're about to put your foot in.