10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"and I didn't eat yesterday, and i'm not gonna eat today, and i'm not gonna eat tomorrow because i'm gonna be a supermodel"

No real reason for the title, It's just been in my head all day.  Blast from the past.  I'm actually in kind of a pissy mood because on our walk last night we met a hunter.  With a dog.  And actually he was quite nice and the dog was nice and he went his way with one of our partridges and we went our way with no partridges and I didn't talk about how he violated the no trespassing signs because I wasn't the one holding the gun.  Knox actually scared the crap out of him, I guess he snuck up behind him and rubbed his nose on the guy's leg.  Whoops! forgot his bear bell!  Jolie would not give the guy a break though, good girl!

So I called matt to tell him about it, and he was at his brothers' house.  His brother said, oh yeah I told some friends they could hunt there.  Heh Heh.  By the way, I told some random people they could hunt on YOUR property and I failed to mention it to you.  And I guess Matt wasn't mad until he told me and I was pretty mad because if we told people they could shoot things where his family spends time he'd be pissed but our family means nothing because it's not his I guess.  He'd probably be thrilled if my dogs or I got shot.  And this is why I don't like him.

I guess he also told his friends they could also hunt on our other neighbors property, the one who's property is actually posted no hunting without written permission and isn't too worried about our relationship with our neighbor because it's not his neighbor.  I know he was hunting there because he shot a bunny and left it there, on the side of the road.  I know that because Jolie found it this morning not even 10 minutes into our walk.  It's always fun wrestling dead things from the dogs but it was even funnerer while being chased by a pack of coyotes who presumably wanted the bunny too.

I was saving my rancor for quaker who inexplicably changed the recipe of their instant oatmeal and it is now so completely gross that I don't know what to do with the left over packets.  Do chickens eat oatmeal?  It has apple bits!  And now I'm rancorous with matt's brother because he is a moron.  I expect to deal with coyotes and bears (although I do not look forward to this possibility) but I don't expect to get shot while I'm walking my dogs.  I probably should, that should probably be my burden but seriously we have no trespassing signs up for a reason.  We have had way too many gun incidents this fall and it's not even deer season yet.  Some fool drove down our road and shot a bunch of glass bottles, full soup cans and soda cans and left all the broken glass and spilling soup and expelled cartridges for us to find.  And if that was Nate's friend I'm seriously going to empty my trash can on their doorstep because that is NOT ok.

So, I have more time this week and I totally expected this post to be about quaker and jeans because not only did quaker do that recipe changing thing which I'm hoping will turn out like coke and their original recipe but also my pants don't fit.  I'm still too fat for the pants that didn't fit before but too skinny for the pants that do fit.  I'm tempted to try drying the crap out of my larger jeans but I'm a little worried that the plan will backfire and I will have no pants at all.  Suggestions?  Lipo-suction maybe?


The Merry said...

Ah, life in the country: idyllic, peaceful... full of idiots with guns>

The Merry said...

Um... that was supposed to have been a question mark, not an angle bracket. Looks like I was trying for a smiley face, which was not my reaction to people shooting in an area where you and your dogs walk.

Amy said...

That is kind of the downside to rural life, there is pretty much always a season for killing cute things.

It's universally agreed upon by two out of two co-workers and one father in law that it is not ok to tell someone they can hunt on someone else's property. Everyone was pretty much appalled that I came across a dude with a gun...wish it was the first time...