10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

another pound hits the dust!

I've decided that that pound is gone forever so I put it up on the title bar.  I'm at training today and tomorrow and it sucks hard.  Seriously.  But I'm trying real hard to be a grown up and do the corporate thing and not make enemies or burn bridges with my cynicism.  Trying REAL hard.  I did get some shopping in though, so that's good.  I got some black slouchy cowboy boots to match the brown ones I already have...because I love the crap out of them and I wear the crap out of them which I never thought I would.  I would not have called myself a cowboy boot person but it seems that I am and I have been wearing them to work which may or may not be dress code but no one mentioned anything today at training.

I have to admit I feel chic when I wear them.  I like them with casual skirts and dresses and business skirts too.  I've been wearing wide leather belts Deschanel sisters style because it's supposed to give people the impression that I have hips...which is a good thing.  Course when I wear them every day it's less of a fashion statement and more like a uniform.  To be even more tv gorgeous I bought a Mrs. Harris dress today because there is no gorgeous like Joan gorgeous.  I'll get some pics when I have a chance.

The hotel where I'm staying is dog friendly and there's a storm tonight, the woof staying next door is seriously freaked out and it's breaking my heart.  It's making me miss my pups but I've got to say it's nice to have no responsibilities for an evening except shopping and eating.  Not so great for that one pound loss but I made good choices and I have a ton leftover...good thing my suite has a fridge!


Unknown said...

The link between weight loss and tea antioxidants becomes even stronger when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

The Merry said...

Plus, if you want a flat stomach there are a lot of websites that can help out :)

Why are you at a hotel? Does staying in a hotel cause one to lose one pound and if so does it have to be a hotel in Maine and if so then could you give me its address?