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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"I assume there's a perfectly reasonable and not at all insane explanation here."

PastaQueen and Rebecca peer pressured me into buying chocolate granola and just because they were in different states at the time doesn't mean it didn't happen that way. We talked about it at fitbloggin and that's where the pressure came in because everyone said "ooh" when I mentioned it and that "ooh" was enough to make me buy anything. It was something I wasn't sure I wanted to buy because it's granola and granola isn't supposed to chocolatey it's supposed to be wholesome or something. I have a fear of products that sound too good to be true, chocolate granola seemed like it might be one of those products but what with the peer pressuring I bought it anyway.

I bought Bear Naked's Heavenly Chocolate granola. I'm a fan of their vanilla almond granola but it took me a while to really love it, I was a little ambiguous about it when I first tried it and I have to admit I feel the same way about the chocolate. I have expectations of loving it but right now I just like it. It has that chocolate cereal taste that's just a tiny bit off really tasty chocolate, like chocolate poptarts and coco puffs. I'll let you know if I decide it's a life revelation instead of something that's just too good to be true.

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Rebecca said...

gosh...i left this message on PQ's site but I want to reiterate that this was by far one of the best convo's I had that weekend...