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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Just sitting here, watching our barren lives pass us by."

Pastaqueen is right, we did have a sleepover moment talking about bloggers that have disappeared. It was like memorial day for websites past but with a smaller parade. I feel like so many folks have come and gone which sounds like they're soldiers which is an image I am totally not going for because wow enough of us take this too seriously as it is. The three of us all there together sharing a room was kind of awesome because we've all been blogging around the same length of time and we just keep going like energizer bunnies. I understand why people stop blogging or relocate their blogs but I feel like there would be a big hole in my life if I stopped blogging, I really can't imagine it. Word crack.

I miss a lot of people, folks who have gone or moved or went private. There is a void when someone leaves. We put out more of ourselves via internet than I think we realize I heard something recently that was interesting, someone referring to all of our modern communications systems as systems designed to keep people away from each other. I find that I agree with that in many ways which means to me that I need more therapy than I thought because I really would prefer to communicate solely by keyboard. I think that's my most honest time, when I sit behind a computer and really think about what I'm saying and how I want to say it. I feel like the people I miss most are the ones who really made me feel something like how I feel when I'm blogging.

A lot of the sites I read aren't weight loss or fitness related and I don't add them to my blogroll because it's like one of these things isn't like the other and probably it's ocd related. I'm over that now and I'm adding everything I love to my blogroll. Organization be damned because it doesn't really matter. It's my blog and my spot on the interworld and I have been rethinking my goals lately and I don't know what I want from here so I'm just letting it flow until something feels right, however long it takes.


workout mommy said...

i always wonder about the bloggers that just disappear too! It bothers me when I don't know why they quit..or where they went, etc. I feel like I was invested in their life and it's not fair to just pull the plug on me.

(after re-reading my comment, I suddenly feel like a complete stalker!)

just promise you'll send out an update if you suddenly quit, ok? :)

Amy said...

I think we all feel that way, it's hard to keep a distance when you share so much.

You're totally not a stalker. Re-reading it sounds like I think the internet would fall apart without me...I meant a personal hole and I spelled it whole because I guess I left my brain on a bus or something.

Roxy said...

I totally hear you on the blogging void... you get a view into someone's life and you feel like you know them. I hate losing "blogfriends". Speaking of, still so bummed we couldn't meet up last weekend!