10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, February 01, 2010

"I've already been injured once this month!"

It's 20 degrees now at 9 o'clock and I'm really excited about that because yesterday's high was 18 and that lasted only about ten seconds while we were snowshoeing up the mountain. Seriously, we went up the whole mountain on snowshoes and my rear was so cold when we got home it took over an hour to thaw out. So all of my parts are looking forward to a warmer show shoe trek today but especially my ass.

Yesterday at the market I bought more bananas because smoothies are a way of life now and I bought frozen strawberries also for those smoothies because raspberry seeds cause unpleasantness when added to a smoothie and brummel and brown yogurt spread because I'm finally trying to work butter out of my diet. I super hate the idea of eating processed fake things instead of a little less of the real things but butter just has so many points and it's not like I need it for survival. The yogurt spread will let me make a grilled cheese a little more point friendly and toast and since I don't eat those things all the time it seems like a small concession and also it's yogurt so where's the hate? Embracing change is my new motto as of three seconds ago.

Embracing the change is going to be really challenging actually because I'm instituting a spending freeze (which really should have always been there I've just been sloppy lately) and also looking extra hard for a part time job. I've needed a part time job for awhile but it's been on the backburner because even though I have no idea where my time goes go it does and it feels like I don't have time for a part time job but my checkbook says differently so here I go looking. My unemployment last time around was sad and pathetic and it took forever to get things moving in the direction I wanted to go in which was anywhere really so I'm a little apprehensive about the process this time around. Read a lot apprehensive, the apprehensivity is key to this communication. Vital. Embracing the change is feeling a little bit like gritting my teeth at the change but I'm working on it. Without butter. Change is hard.


BEE said...

just found your blog
think your doing great
keep it up :)


MaryFran said...

Don't we burn more calories when we are cold...because our body has to generate more heat to warm us up? Hey, in theory it sounds good!!!!!

Amy said...

this is true, some people drink ice water all day for that reason. Skinny people probably.

Laura said...

I love smoothies but dont make them often enough. I tend to just make it with all fruit, freeze it then let it melt a little then yummo