10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"I don't have the energy to drag your lifeless body to the dumpster"

Jolie is currently fascinated by the computer screen. She's trying to get the letters as I type. This puppy is completely hilarious. Earlier I had a youtube video of puppies playing and she and knox both had their heads right to the speakers trying to figure out where the puppies were. I wish I had a video camera because I never want to forget the looks on their faces as they poked around the shelf...not here...what about over here...nope...hmmm. It is 4 degrees out and I'm procrastinating. I'm a big whiner and I'm tired of this single digit nonsense weather. I know it's maine and it's winter and I'm a fool to complain, I guess I am getting soft in my old age. My face is a mess from the extra cream, at least I think that's what it is. I'm torn because pimples are better than other kinds of skin damage but I also wonder if the extra cold just keeps pores locked up like maximum security. If I had the cash for a facial I'd go because I don't want to look like a pimply kid on the imaginary job interviews I have lined up. It's ironic that the time you really need to put money into your appearance to land a new job you can't because if you had the extra money you wouldn't need the job in the first place.

My weight is bouncing around a little higher than my last weigh in. I was all concerned about muscle water when hello it was all hormone related. I cease to amaze myself when it comes to not knowing my body at all. It's coming down slowly but I've had kind of a sloppy week of eating. I haven't actually gone over my points but I know exactly how many points are in a single pack of chips ahoy and I don't even like chips ahoy so that's where I am this week. I've been hitting the smoothies hard, which I'm really getting into even though it's freezing outside. I need one of those mulled smoothie recipes, microwave smoothies, hot toddy smoothies maybe. I'm making due with the cold ones till the hot ones catch up and I'm learning to wash the blender right that damn second because when I'm lazy about it the cleaning time expands exponentially. It only took me three weeks to learn that so I'm officially almost as smart as my dogs.

Ooh, it's five degrees now. Snowshoeing usually makes me very warm, except for my face, so I don't know why I'm being such a grouch about it today. I've only been going every other day instead of every day to give the muscles a little different exercise during the week. You'd think hiking and snowshoeing would use the same muscles but they amazingly don't, not all of them anyway. The arm muscles in particular don't get much exercise hiking unless you bring out the poles which is an option really, but it's important to rest. I started out feeling like I had to snowshoe every single day to get the most money out of the shoes I bought and the most exercise out of the winter like I wouldn't have opportunities to exercise in the summer. The way my mind works sometimes amazes me, I should really be on a compound in nebraska with a stockpile of rifles...I really missed my calling.


Previously Plump... in progress said...

ugh, winter. I like winter as much as I like bloating.

I've always wanted to try snowshoeing.... I should get out and give it a shot - there's a place around me that rents them I think....

Amy said...

snow shoeing is awesome, I can't say enough good things about it.