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Monday, May 04, 2009

"Begin to feel your feet"

I'm wearing my new Nike Free running shoes and I'm trying to follow their training instructions, they're VERY specific and mostly I don't understand them at all. These are the super light and floppy ones and they're supposed to build up the muscles in your feet and legs to prevent injury. I didn't choose them to build up the muscles in my feet, not that I mind, I just needed some very flexible shoes for Tracy's workout. Pilates doesn't need shoes so I'm not used to finding the right shoes to exercise in except for running. I like them a lot, they're so light and god knows when you're doing her insane leg reps you don't want heavy feet. I tried them once before and I liked them then I just couldn't see buying two pairs of exercise shoes at once. You're only supposed to wear them for a few hours at a time to start with, otherwise the shoe police come to get you.

In not so good for me news I made my first chocolate croissants yesterday from scratch. I should say that yesterday I baked them...I started them saturday. Bastards take forever. They came out pretty good actually. Probably not the best idea ever, much like the donuts. After that I have big plans for correcting my diet. Packing lunch to have with my client is working out very well. I have some work to do on dinners, mostly because I'm lazy. Every once in a while cooking two dinners is just too much to take and I end up snacking or having cereal. I know a real dinner is important and I've been a slacker and it's all my fault. Last week was particularly bad food wise what with the daily dinnertime manual labor getting in the way. It's sort of a shame, with all that work if I hadn't been eating cupcakes for dinner I'd probably have lost some pounds! Shame.

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