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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bonfire of the vanities

I couldn't write yesterday because all my parts were broken. Planting the trees wasn't really that bad, it was sort of the icing on the cake of the ass kicking we've taken this week. We picked up the trees from Fedco yesterday morning and it's obviously a big year for gardening because we had to park two miles away and then I stood in line for an hour (Matt had to walk the potatoes to the car and back so I was the lucky one) and I would have appreciated the rest more if I had known how broken I would be by five pm. Everything was so beautiful I totally wanted to double our order, thank god I didn't...I'd have been planting all night if I had. The trees we planted are so pretty and I hope they all survive transplant, the apples we planted last year all have blooms so we have high hopes.

Meanwhile I have horrible hopes for my skin this summer. I've been outdoors and driving in peak sun hours more this year than any other summer in a long time. I've been doing a really good job with the sunscreen, applying and re-applying but OH MY GOD the pimples! I'm obsessed with taking care of my skin for the future but in the present it looks pretty bad and I'm wondering at what stage of my life is vanity more attractive. Perhaps I just need to switch cleansers. Which is probably the thing to do but OH NO because I have a cabinet full of the current stuff.

This is what happens when you coupon shop to the point of obsession, you can never switch products. I tried the brilliant brunette shampoo ages ago and I just loved it so now whenever I get a coupon I buy some...whether I need it or not. BAD IDEA because I tried that curly shampoo I had a sample of and I liked that even better but I'm saddled with a cupboard of brilliant brunette so I can't switch. This grates on my soul literally all day, every time I look in to the cabinet. If I start washing my hair twice a day just to use it up set up an intervention.


Unknown said...

My completely unmedical guess at the pimples is that its from the sunscreen. I used to have that problem. Try water based sunscreen/face specific stuff and see if that works?

Amy said...

I knew that, I'm happy with my sunscreen because I'm not getting burned so I'm going to try switching other things up.