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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"It's an insult to crap"

I didn't have to work today and I'm finding myself at a loss with what to do. Bills, dishes, so many choices. If it wasn't raining I'd saddle up the puppy and we'd walk some carriage roads. My client and I did the Day Mountain road yesterday and it was awesome. We walked about 4 miles and I think woof would have really liked it. Since I'm stuck inside I'm working on my house. The more I box up and move out the more I like it. I have entire box of crap cookbooks my dad offloaded on me. I'm an easy mark when it comes to cookbooks but seriously...most of them suck and I think one of them was written by a pedophile. I keep five books close to hand and three just in sight. Any more than that and they just collect dust, I guess I'm not the adventurous cook I thought.

In the way of cleaning house, I sold almost all of the shoes I had to sell and a lot of the rest of them really need to be trashed. There's one pair in particular that is ready for the trash but has taught me something important...how could I not have noticed I'm an under-pronator all this time? Under-pronation can lead to heel, foot, and KNEE pain. HELLO. Gosh I drive myself nuts, I never really tried to figure it out I just assumed I was fat and running was hard and that's why my knee hurts. I'm not saying it's the answer it's just something to pay attention to when buying shoes...and explains why I like my new stability hikers so much. I hate figuring out I'm a moron, such a bummer.

Also, I'm cleaning my closet of the 50* black skirts I collected during my career at the bank. I met an old customer at the market the other day and she said "oh, you've left the bank...you can have a life now" and by golly she's right. No more black, no more heels, I'm going to dress for fun and life now...I'm wicked excited about it. And if you have a need for swishy black skirts do let me know.

*no, not really.

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