10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, December 12, 2008

"a thin line between hell and here"

I had a very nice birthday. The power was out all day so I had two naps, Matt took me to the thai place that serves rice in the shape of teddy bears which was brilliant on his part and we went to the fabric store. He found pink boxes and wrapped my presents in hello kitty paper, so I'm a very happy girl. We have a show tomorrow and I have to make just about every piece today with ice covered greens. Extremely unbrilliant on my part. And I have a book to review which I've read three times for professionalism's sake. More on that monday. If I can get my act together.


pinky pinkerson said...

okay, I have to ponder the teddy bear-shaped rice.

and a guy who wraps your gifts in HK paper (or even wraps your gifts at all!) is a thoughtful guy indeed.

Amy said...

they use some kind of mold, my rice was actually a turtle.