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Sunday, December 14, 2008

How cold is too cold to run?

Take my advice and never google this phrase. The truth is that I only googled it so I could find a good excuse not to go running this morning. The temperature was 4 when I started my googling and now it's 6 so what's to complain about. 6 whole degrees! It was so much better when I didn't know what temperature it was out, I'd just bully myself into going and then cut off my toes when I got back, simple and efficient. Anyway the answers I got ranged from "it's never too cold, put on some clothes" and "if you can see your breath it's too cold". If you can see your breath, damn, I'd only be able to leave my house like 3 months a year if I abided that rule. So, I'm getting dressed because I should consider it lucky that the road isn't covered in ice/snow and that it's not precipitating in any manner and you know I'll be grumpy when it's snowing and I'm stuck inside and no one likes a whiny blogger. I'm gonna get dressed slowly though, hold out for 7 degrees.

I'm also going to stall by blogging about the show yesterday. FIVE DIFFERENT WREATH MAKERS! I pulled up to the door and there was a jeep unloading the world's largest supply of ugly ass balsam wreaths. I was feeling a little guilty about not having made any balsam wreaths and that stupid jeep filled me with relief. I'm so glad I didn't waste my time doing any more friggin' balsams, the only things we brought home were balsam. By the looks of the packing up none of the other balsam sellers had luck either. We made enough to cover costs but it was by no means a good craft fair, the ladies next to us sold exactly one hat and yet another wreath maker was on his cell phone as we packed up saying "I had such nice wreaths for sale". Charlene heard more and said he sounded really depressed but most of his wreaths had american flags on them and maybe this isn't the right timing for a patriotic christmas. One of the groups selling wreaths was extremely, uhm, in need of a bath and every time we made a sale they'd come over and ask how sales were. "Dude, isn't it sort of obvious", not really, I'd say "great" with a big smile and he'd go back to his table and sneer. I'm sure there's a market for giant angels glued to wreaths but apparently not in ellsworth.

Hey, that paragraph got me two whole degrees! Wish me no frostbite!


Rebecca said...

i did a show on saturday and i didnt even make my money back!

cant decide if its the economy or the poor advertising.

do you have any left this year?

Amy said...

Sorry you didn't make your money back, that totally sucks. Ours was definitely the advertising, there were hardly any folks there.

wreaths, oh yes. I'm not sure what to do with them.