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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"Well, I'm not dead or unconscious, so I say bravo for me.'

This is what I've been doing. When Matt's grandma died his mom let me have a lot of her sewing things and some dishes and some retro print sheets. I saved the sheets especially for this quilt to be a christmas present for his mom. It's a small quilt, just something for the couch, but I'm having fun making it. Because the fabric is used the quilt is very soft and I can't keep the meow off. I hope his mom likes it as much as the fur does.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm feeling really weird about it. It was around this time last year that things started to unravel and I feel like I'm just getting things raveled. As raveled as one can be when you have no job and no prospects and also you broke your car exactly three days after your boyfriend finally fixed it for you. I slid on some ice coming home from home and I was fine it was just that I hit an embankment going very, very slowly and I bent some part that isn't meant to ever be replaced because apparently you can't buy that part on planet earth. And I felt better when I wasn't thinking about my car up on jacks in the garage. Better to think about quilts and cookie baking and frontier housewifery. And maybe prozac.

Next week if my car is working I'm going to see the unemployment man because I need help and it's good if they see how insane this is and god help him if he tells me to get an email account as the solution to my problems. But I've been thinking about job training and I wonder if the have one of those tests that tells you what you're supposed to do with yourself. Or maybe they make you play the game of life and just go with whatever card you get. I'm thinking about hairdresser school. If I go into color application at least I can be high all day.


Keetha said...

The quilt is great - what a thoughtful gift.

Happy early birthday.

pinky pinkerson said...

that is a very thoughtful gift, and my comment is not an original one :-)

you could practice on my hair - it is two shades of fake brown at the moment. the last time I had it professionally dyed it was too dark and I looked like a vampiress.

Amy said...

Thanks for the quilt confidence.

I always look like a vampiress, but I can see how one would want to avoid that look.

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MayQueen said...

Pretty quilt! You were always so crafty. I just made oatmeal bouqets. Happy Birfday!