10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, November 24, 2008

warning, actual post ahead

Third day of not being able to run and already almost three pounds up. Fark. I can't run on the road because of the snow. The snow that apparently was centered on our wee hamlet and left about 8 inches while it wasn't snowing anywhere else. Tomorrow I'm setting up my bike for indoor cycling to make up for the cardio hours I'm missing from my runs. Today I have to make about 20 wreaths and I just have to set that cycling goal for tomorrow. I know you're not supposed to make goals for tomorrow...all the best intentions and all...but I just can't do it today unless I finish all my wreaths early. Which is a strange reward, finish all that manual labor and you can exercise for an hour, WHOOO! By the end of this expedition tarring and feathering would be something to look forward to, anything but pine.

And also, of course, there is the food. On the one hand, when I was working I was out of the office a lot and it was really easy to pick up this or that and then completely forget about it when it came to rationalizing the day. At home, everything is at my disposal but it's quite as easy as buying a soda or chocolate and running back to the office. I don't buy a lot of things to grab and snack on. Anything we want to eat, we have to cook first. I really think exercise is my biggest hurdle, (pun totally awesome) and I have to get that figured out before it's January and I'm going backwards.

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