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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I think we're in a cold snap

Ya think? It's 18 degrees right now. 18. It's November...this is wrong, just wrong. It's far too cold for November. I'm severely displeased. I'm all kinds of cranky today because of the cold and the snow and the fact that I'm pretty sure two of the four nightgowns I've now sewn won't be wearable. I made a big sleeve mistake. Sleeves are a serious pain in the rear and I'm pretty sure the way they are sewn will prevent tiny arms and heads from getting their pajama on. I can A. ignore it and hope for the best or B. put in a zipper or a button or the like. I could make them sleeveless except for the 18 degrees problem. It's tricky being a seamstress. I'm never sewing clothes with sleeves again. All vests from here on out.

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