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Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Just because I have breasts doesn't mean I have magical powers over infants."

I just got a frantic call from one of our gardeners about the zerbert of a hurricane named Kyle about to ravage our 30 miles from the coastline-ness. She's very worried about the guatemalan/jamaican contingents. I called the guatemalans house to tell them how worried she was about whether they were prepared and the farthest I got was that they don't have any water for her. I called the jamaican house to warn them about the storm and that the power might go out tomorrow...I was informed that they'll worry about it tomorrow. Heh, I should've seen that coming...asking a jamaican to worry.

It cracks me up that's she's all bent out of shape to emergency prepare a. people from the caribbean for a new england storm and b. people from third world countries to have no power. It just tickles me. If I lived closer I'd fill their bathtub myself, I'm not completely heartless, I just don't think they're that worried. We've had quite a few storms and lost power for a few hours a couple of times. I think folks forget that they're all still adults with life skills they just don't happen to speak english.

I think their biggest problem will be how bored they'll be with no american tv to watch. Yesterday they were watching america's funniest pets or something, which I guess transcends language barriers. Dancing poodles are dancing poodles in any language. It took me about half an hour to explain that I'll be on vacation for the wedding this week. I wanted to make sure they bought enough food to last through the 9 days. When I left I wished them a good week and I was worried they didn't understand but the last thing mr. accordion player said to me was "have a good....vacacione". I heart them.

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