10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, September 29, 2008

"This must be what going mad feels like."

I have prepared my wedding packing list and I am about to commence...packing. I'm terrified I'm going to forget something vital so I'm just packing the entire apartment. Cat, dresser, sink, you know...it seems the reasonable thing to do. To your right you will see the very nerve wracking dress, which totally fits if I wear three pairs of spanx (not pictured). It's very simple and comfortable and long.

Hence the heels. They're very heely. And blingy. And no one will see them because the hem of my dress is just that long. I'm half sad - half relieved because they're really cute but they don't match the jewelry I bought. I just hope I don't trip and die because that could be embarrassing. Must practice with the heels and hope the church cleaning lady doesn't over do it with the pledge. Oooh, do churches have carpet?

So, this is the jewelry I've put together. I wanted to do the shiny bling bling thing but, I wasn't feeling it. It probably would have matched what everyone else is doing but then I'd feel even more like I was playing the part of a bridesmaid in a movie. So I went with pearls and a little ivory. The earrings are perfect and came from anthropologie. The necklace I ordered from Esty which matched the earrings perfectly got lost in the mail and the seller was on vacation and so I have the pearly bird necklace. It doesn't match as well but I sort of think it's sweet and dove-like and I'm going with it unless the bride's mother really hates it or something. The last is the cocktail ring which I'm not completely convinced of but I'm the only bridesmaid that won't be sporting a diamond the size of my fist and anyway the ivory rose is more my style. I'll probably just wear it to the rehearsal dinner (for which I found a very breakfast club molly ringwald outfit which I'm really excited about) and the post reception reception to which I'm wearing a sixties-esq skirt and kitten heel combo. It's very complicated dressing for a wedding. I just hope Holly's mom doesn't hate my choices...I always have the feeling she wants to tell me to brush my hair and put on some pantyhose. I love that woman.


Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

Six words: Scuff bottoms of shoes with sandpaper.


Have fun!

Shana said...

That dress is not horrible at all...lucky!

I was a bridesmaid for a girl I did not know at all back in, like, 1987. I was four months pregnant and my then husband's best friend married a stripper, no lie, who had no friends in town, so, voila, instant bridesmaid was I. The dress was a tragic neon pink tafetta thing, oh and it was backless. If you look up tragic bridesmaid dresses circa 1987, it's that dress. In retrospect, I wish I had not destroyed every photograph because it would be pretty funny to look at now.

Amy said...

I took them for a walk in the garage, they're well and truly scuffed.

We got to choose our own dresses so that worked out. That dress sounds awesome, 27 dresses awesome.

Keetha said...

Those shoes, that dress...goregeous!

But what's this about a Breakfast Club Molly Ringwald outfit?? Photo, please.