10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

"I was being patient but it took too long."

Last week while I was primping for my job interview I decided to try out some tooth whitening strips. I'm a vain spendthrift, what can I say. Anyway, it's been sort of interesting. Since I'm going to the trouble of having all these probably very bad chemicals in my body for the sake of pearly whites I'm trying to make the most of it. By make the most of it I mean I'm brushing my teeth all the damn time so my tea habit doesn't make me look like a twenty pack a day smoker.

Toothbrushing is a great snack control tool. Not only do I feel guilt over sullying clean teeth by eating something, most food is pretty damn gross after brushing your teeth. Maybe I'll have a reduction of cavities too, which would be good what with the novacaine-free drilling I'm so fond of. Is it disordered thinking to train yourself to brush your teeth every time you want a twinkie or something? Disordered but dental friendly I guess.

Still waiting around to hear from employers, still scouring the want ads. Worst case scenario I can work for a bakery in the summer and that's not a worst case at all. If I can keep saving like I am now and take unemployment in the winter like everyone else...I'd have the whole winter off! It freaks me out that I'm so excited about unemployment. Maybe I'm being slowly poisoned by our well water.


Debbie said...

i've tried those strips once. They taste nasty and made me want to brush my teeth for an hour when I finished. Never tried them again.

Jennette Fulda said...

I've recently been considering going for a run every time I wanted a twinkie, but I haven't because I feared injuring myself with too much exercise :)

I was unemployed for two week last November, and I was really excited about it too. It was very freeing, if also somewhat scary and eat-the-whole-Indian-buffet inducing.

Amy said...

I don't find them too bad actually, I put them in while I'm reading and I hardly notice, but then I do brush my teeth right after.

Yeah, and you can't dash out of a meeting to run when they serve pastries!

I was so sure I wanted to quit when I didn't think I had a choice and now that I found a way through I'm all nerves again. Something about the whole state being unemployed makes me a little on edge.