10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 08, 2008


Did you know there's some page with my same title dedicated to cyber-bullying? Would it be wrong for me to flame him? Kidding, kidding. "Does this font make me look fat?" just doesn't make me think cyber-bullying. But, then, obviously. Anyway, I'm fascinated. Actually, that phrase is everywhere and it's no big deal. There's a reason it's not my direct link. The reason being that I was totally going to be thin in two weeks and change my title to "my fabulous ass!" or something. Maybe it's time to known as "Brutal Reality" instead. Or "If you eat those cookies you'll never see your toes again". Hey, Hi! I'm having a rough morning.

I didn't manage much time to exercise last night. I had to cook two dinners and wash dishes and bake cookies and I had all these excuses to think up. No, actually I did hit my stepper for about five minutes but my knee just couldn't take another night of pounding. To which Matt said "do some pilates". A totally reasonable reccomendation that inspired me to sit on my rear. It wasn't a brilliant display of discipline.

Long ago and far away when I had some discipline, friday was my day off. I would take my walk at lunch like normal but friday night was sort of our relaxing night at home or grocery shopping or whatever. I'd try and kill myself all week saying "friday you can relax" and it worked pretty well. Picking back up on the weekends is never a problem for me, even I can't look at all that free time and do nothing (and I wonder why I was sick sooo long). I know that I need to do some exercising tonight to make up for last night, and the three cookies I just ate (new recipe, must test!) and i'm going to try. I was growing fond of my stepping habit, it was so like the old days when losing was so much more possible. Old horse, new tricks I guess.


Rebecca said...

are you pre-cooking your meals too now?

do you only allow yourself one rest day?

am i asking too many questions?


Amy said...

Never too many questions...

This week I pre-packed my lunches at the beginning of the week and it was awesome. Dinner I usually do on the spot or eat some of matt's. I cook matt's dinner every night. He needs three real meals a day so I cook dinner with extra for lunch for him every night. I need to start really planning my dinners too because I come home starving and healthy dinners don't seem to cook themselves.

I do only rest one day usually. I don't work that hard though during the week. I try to get atleast a half hour every day and more on the weekends. Kickboxing is more intense than Pilates so Pilates is almost like a break. If I went to a real gym and did a whole hour I would probably rest more, or not, I have no idea. If I get a job in a city with a gym I want to try that out, I think it would be good to get out of the house. I can't wait to get outside again!

Sugarcrook said...

Have you thought about getting a slow cooker? I use mine almost weekly. You could throw a roast in there and have dinner one night and meat for sandwiches for a few days.

Oh. You're a vegetarian. Not sure how tofu works in a slow cooker. :)

Amy said...

I've been trying to do the slow cooker thing for matt for ages. He won't let me buy one because he has one but he never remembers to look for it. It would make dinnertime easier for sure. I don't know how tofu would work, veggie chili would work or maybe spaghetti sauce.