10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"the small concealable weapons always go to the far left of the place setting"

My muscles are killing me today. It's so great. 175.6 is also great. And I threw away those stupid doritos and that was great too. There's a pattern of goodness here. I finally recieved my long awaited took forever to order pants and they fit. It's a relief to have some clothes that fit incase I get some calls for interviews this week. I did a crazy thing though in that I now have two pairs of size ten pants that don't fit me.

When I placed my order I optomistically got myself a 12 and a 10. The 10 doesn't fit yet but for ten dollars it seemed like a reasonable thing to do to keep them. Then this weekend I went shopping again and I got myself some ten dollar jeans in the same size. I'm sort of torn about it because now I feel like I have a definite goal to fit into those pants. It's good to have a goal like that. Even if I don't lose twenty pounds I'll feel good about fitting into a smaller size. The thing is though that I may never find these pants attractive on my body.

I'm usually very anti-buying things that aren't perfect right now. I very definitely only bought them because they were cheap. That is a really bad habit and not something I want to get back into. They're still nice clothes and odds on I love them just as much as the twelves when I get a little smaller but there is no guarantee that my body won't change. That is sort of the point, after all. If I stepper my ass into complete oblivion no pants are going to look good.

A twenty dollar investment into a small one size goal doesn't seem so bad, I'm just worried about getting too pie in the sky. It's no good to live for the future like that. I still think I have it in me to lose one more size (literally and figuratively, heh) so I'm going to wing it. Y'all will have to let me know when I've gone too far and bought bikini's in a size 2 alright?


Rebecca said...

no shiyat?!

i bought a Gap pair of 14's, a tad tight around the thighs, only because they were $12. how can you pass that up?!

i'm hoping in a week or two, i'll feel comfortable enough to wear them!

i totally think its fine what you went for the 10's.

Amy said...

I'll totally mail them to you when you reach that size before I do.