10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Oh, yeah, fun was had. Also frolic, merriment, and near-death hijinks.

it's starting to bother me that i can't enter any titles. there are quips going unquipt here. it's just wrong. and other things that are wrong, apparently it's very hot on the east coast...except here where it is 52 degrees. i'm not complaining, i like the cold, it's just sort of screwing with my season clock. it's supposed to be summer, or something. whatever.

i suppose the farmer's market went well. one of the things i made sold completely and one sold not at all. it was a half successful venture. i'm doing a bit more on thursday and then taking a bit of a break. mostly because my vendor wants the goods the day before. you know why they sell the day old baked goods for half nothing? because they're crap. so i'm only going to do the things i can bake and sell the same day and have some control over how they're kept. should you put the cream cheese danish in the sun, err, probably not. call me crazy. so it's not as exciting as i had hoped but it's better than standing still. sort of.

so, 168. that's a relief. it was a very long weekend stressing over how things went at the farmer's market and there was a lot of chocolate eaten. and some potato chips. i think wielding the rolling pin must burn more calories than i thought because i rather expected a gain. it is very heavy. maybe i should jog with it. it would rock for self defense. which is sort of becoming a concern. i worried about running on the road because of the traffic, but now i worry about the parked cars. there have been a few trucks with guys hanging around my normal route. generally i just turn at that point and head back. i don't know enough of my neighbors to know who's a freak and who's not.

a few weeks ago they found a skull and jaw down the road, today they found a whole body. when we heard the news we thought it might have been our abandoned car with possible body in the trunk, but it wasn't. it's a totally different guy who's very definitely dead. it's all making the treadmill thing sound better and betterer. and i was so proud of myself for sucking it up until winter, now not so much. that or find my mace. atleast until people parts stop popping up. thank goodness i don't have cable, if i could watch law and order all day everyday i'd never leave my house at all.


Sarah said...

I know, it's so irritating! But here's what a friend sent me, and it worked -- "If I click just to the immediate right of the beginning of the title field, I can get a cursor to show up and I can type a title in. But if I click anywhere else in the title field box, it won't give me a cursor."

Unknown said...

Wow and I thought it bad them hunting for some guy for attempted murder in my area. I would be freaking if they found body parts near me.