10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"This isn't a needle in a haystack. This is a needle in Kansas.

169 and totally full of cookies. matt requested cookies last night, and since he's skinny enough to hide behind a lamp post, i obliged. the problem is that he refuses to take every last cookie with him to work. it's so hard for me to remember that people with normal relationships with food don't have to worry about how lonely the cookies are when you leave them at home. they pine, i know they do. so i took a few to work with me. just the two he left in a little baggy. and they're oatmeal so they're chock full of whole grain goodness. and chocolate. which is also, uhh, very healthy.

i'm not really decieving myself, i'm just feeling a little devil-may-care on the cookie front. or the food front at large. does anyone else go through days when you could ignore the existence of chocolate in the world with no trouble and then suddenly, the next day, you have to find and eat it ALLLLLLLL. i guess i'm on day two of that cycle, only it's been a few days of copious chocolate eating. it would probably have had no effect if i'd been walking/running every morning but uhm...i haven't since monday. insert excuses here. i just haven't felt like it. uninspired. it probably has something to do with the fog and the dark and the cold but that's just silly since i spent one whole winter getting up early and moving my ass. i'm just lazy lately.

i think i'm going to break with tradition and embrace the laze for a few days. and then go low carb again. i might just need to plan my months this way. two weeks of low carb eating, one week of maintaining and one week of holding on for dear life. that makes this week a maintaining week, and that means the cookies go to work with matt tomorrow. but next week, ahhh next week, we are so going out for ice cream if it's sunny.

i just thought of this "plan" the second i typed it, but i kind of like it right now. probably because i'm smack in the middle of the easy weeks. all plans sound awesome before the hard part starts. not that low carb eating is all that hard. most days are low carb days at my house anyway, but when i'm not strictly trying to avoid sugar i don't avoid it all that well. it's somehow easier when it's a blanket thing, all or nothing. wow, i'm pretty excited about that spur of the moment plan. it'll be interesting to see how well it goes when i really start.

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