10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, May 11, 2007

"I assume there's a perfectly reasonable and not at all insane explanation here."

170. which makes me grumpy. it could be the sore of my muscles holding on to some water, or it could be the ice cream cone. since it was a really tiny cone, it must be the muscles. logic be thy name. right now i'm trying to figure out my calories for yesterday but the spark page is really slow. either a whole lot of people feel penitent about their ice cream cones, or our servers are a little slow today which is probably the case. it adds a certain drama to the process. you wonder how bad you screwed up your diet and you enter all the bad food and your imagination is whetted with anticipation and fear while that stupid flag unfurls in the corner. goodthing i have all this chocolate to pass the time with...hehe. diet humor. it rawks!!

i am starting to feel sort of bad about the decision to have an ice cream last night. i didn't really need it. or want it. it was just such a nice day and everyone was walking around half naked and licking. it was hard to resist the breyers when i got home. too hard. today is a new day though and it's not as sunny and hot and i have no continued desire for ice cream. i'm just going to pick up where i left off and keep going.

it's almost the end of my first week. i started at 172 and for blog purposes i'm finishing at 170. 2 pounds isn't so shabby of a loss. the whole beach thing is supposed to be a bit more dramatic, but then you aren't supposed to cheat. that could have something to do with it. but i don't want to toss myself off a bridge with this way of eating so i'll definitely be sticking with it. maybe for longer than i thought. or as long as it takes to be successfully in the 60's. we'll see. can i tell ya i'm still waiting for the info on how bad yesterday was? how can i properly flog myself with the facts. life is hard y'all.


MayQueen said...

When I lived on Long Island the bus dropped me off right in front of a Baskin Robins/Dunkies combo. Many a day it was that I would walk home with a raisin bran muffin (they're so good at the end of the day - all the coffee fumes sink into the top) or a cone of bumble buzz. Not good for the wallet or the thighs. It was basically rationalized stress-eating. I miss the bumble buzz, though.

Amy said...

you are a coffee addict now. so mature an addiction.

MayQueen said...

I'm really hoping I get that capuccino maker for my birfday

Amy said...

hint hint!

MayQueen said...

I think I dropped enough hints when I told my mom about the dream I had, then told her that the price was just a little too high for me.