10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, May 14, 2007

"beans are a roof over your stomach"

because we're listening to tortilla flat on our commute and i'm totally in love with steinbeck, and beans, it seems appropriate. not that i cooked any beans this weekend. actually, i ate like a fat girl. bad, bad amy. i had an ice cream cone and half a coke, i made some peanut butter cookies and stole a few while they were hot and crumbly. i'm still at 170 and that's how i'll start this week. we had a good weekend and i didn't gain so i have to be happy with that. i also had some pretty decent runs although i strained a muscle in my calf. i ran farther and longer each day and i was so poroud of myself, until my leg started to hurt. i'm trying to be reasonable about not really injuring myself so i only went for a very tiny walk this morning. it won't do me any good to completely kill my leg and lose a week of exercise instead of a day. so i'm taking it easy.

i'm trying to get a handle on today's diet strategy to keep even with not doing my daily exercise stuff. i had some inspirations of a sort this weekend, despite the sweet snacking i did. firstly i have a lot of cookbooks i don't use. and why do i keep them if i never open them. so i picked one my mom got for me from building 19 when i was still in college. a little flippy thing from good housekeeping all about cooking vegetables. there's a fragrant cinnamon couscous i want to try when i'm eating of the carbs more regularly and a bean burrito with rice and corn that i'm going to try too. i think i'm going to work through all my books like that. i really should have cookbooks i use, not just ones that are pretty. there's a really great shiitake fried rice recipe in one of my books that my mom cooked for me a few times that i've never made for myself. i think she'd like it if i made it, it would make me think of her.

and while i should still be in pennance for my eating, i think my ass is changing sizes again. the jeans i just bought seem a little roomy and 99% of my work pants are just way too big. i'm going to try to shrink them tonight to get a little more wear out of them, but mostly i'm going to have to get my skirt on for the summer. i have a slew of flimsy elastic waist skirts that should hold me over till i hit size 10. which would be amazing. i haven't contemplated size ten since the 10th grade. the fact that it's quickly becoming a possibility is unbelievable to me. a little something to keep me on the thin and narrow for the next week.

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