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Friday, March 23, 2007

"I happen to be very biteable, pal. I'm moist and delicious."

the weather report reads A OK so i'll finally be off home this weekend. i can get my car and spend copious amounts of money at the limited and also i need hinges. but that's neither here nor there. actually, i'm hoping it works out like a tv commercial. you know the kind, where the flighty woman walks in to the home repair store with a picture of hinges on her cell phone and some dude in a cape, like, flies them right to the aisle. and then everyone smiles. i'm hoping it'll be like that because i'm not that interested in spending my shopping time wearing ye olde soles in search of hinges. not when there's a mall and an auntie anne's pretzels so near by.

usually i worry about what horrors of food await me at home. i.e. pizza. i've already decided i'm going to take the calorific bull by the horns and cook. i'm going to make pasta, it's a so-so choice but atleast it's not pizza. my sister asked me to teach her how to make spaghetti sauce so i'll be doing that. and probably cake, but it should be fine if i leave it in a different state. which reminds me, has anyone else heard about the possible chocolate shortage? that kind of news is so not good for my hoarding tendencies. i'm going to end up with a bomb shelter filled with chocolate bunnies and cadbury eggs and i'm not coming out till the last fluffy tail's been had.

cough. not that i'm feeling weak or anything. which is good because there's a little party in our honor this afternoon. matt's co-workers are having a house warming for us. beyond adorable. is it rude to turn down meat at a party thrown for you if you're a vegetarian. even if you're a crappy vegetarian? where does emily post stand on making yourself sick for the sake of decorum?


MayQueen said...

I say it's your party and you'll eat what you want to. No use making yourself sick to please other people.
What? Chocolate shortage? Are the terrorists using 72% cacao to buy guns? Is there no oil left to ship the beans up here?

Amy said...

there's a drought in africa. and everyone and his brother is doing the dark chocolate thing so they need more beans. if you like milk, you're all set. it's very sad though isn't it?

Weight Master said...

definitely have to eat out of respect for a party thrown for you.

Amy said...

i didn't eat anything. i'm a bad person. i'm also dying, so the karma is kicking right in.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, did you say "chocolate shortage"? Let the hoarding begin!

lovelines said...


That is the worst news I've heard all week =(