10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, March 26, 2007

"Quiet! You'll miss the humourous conclusion."

the goal to fit limited 12 has been met. i bought some perfect size 12's, short for the tall impaired, and i'm very happy. they cost more than a week's worth of groceries, so that'll probably be the last thing i buy in a 12 if i can help it. i picked up one other pair of pants at old navy that were also perfect, and ridiculously cheap, but also wool and lined. and i do not want to be wearing a 12 the next time i need lined wool pants. so as much as it pains me, i will take them back. i'm seriously tired of finding clothes with tags that do not fit anymore. it's a dubious thrill being too skinny for clothes paid for and never worn.

what else...i chose to be without coke today. which, considering my current addiction, i think is quite a show of commitment. i sort of remembered that i don't want to be doing this forever. those wool pants reminded me. i don't want to maintain until next winter. if that happens, i'll have to deal with it, but i'm not going to sit on my hands and self fulfill the prophecy. and i had a nice 171 this morning even after a weekend of pizza and easter candy. since i know i can do better than that, i have new found inspiration.

and there's more good news, it's march 26. the month of expense and disaster and pestilence is almost over. april had better kick some serious ass. some ass that doesn't involve buying a new washing machine. 'cause i'm looking forward to that being over with. especially the bill. i'd like to file that under march and move the hell on.

on that note, i'll be at consumer reports making the most of my last shred of sanity. welcome to monday!


Weight Master said...

congrats on meeting the goal. keep it up. April will be great.

MayQueen said...

"You see it was the duck that was talking, not the man." Or something like that. That's pretty much my favorite episode.