10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"And I should do what in my spare time? Sit at home knitting cunning sweater sets?"

we watched the kitten poker episode last night. there's nothing like debating the use of live kittens as currency to make an evening. i, for one, feel complete. particularly since i lost a rebate of 50 dollars (had it, gone now, no idea) and i'm just not that upset. i was upset, that was a lot of kittens, but today i'm all eh. which i'm loving. dig me and my newly found perspective. it's just money. heh. i feel so balanced today. balanced and full of snot, but emotionally sound so rock on.

i edged back up to 173 this morning. that's a bit of a disappointment. i favored unpacking last night instead of exercise proper, and uh..i drank two cokes. which sucks as a nutritional choice but at least my house is coming together. i hung curtains and we put up a coat rack, we moved in a desk. little things that make me feel better. i've been really worried about where i was going to put my three hole punch. you can't leave that sort of thing to chance, you know.

and, because random seems the order of the day, what's up with the all caps sodium celebration on coke cans? is it me or are they grasping at straws for something to gloat about. 39 grams of sugar but only 50 miligrams of sodium! that's something to sing about. not that it matters, i just think they should embrace their true selves. warts and all. just a little heartfelt message to coke, i'm ok you're ok.

obviously i have nothing today. i'm glad to be suzy sunshine for a little while. perpetually grumpy is no way to live. but the most exciting things i have to talk about are long gone tv series and desk accessories so i'll spare you further details. hope everyone has a genuinely fabulous thursday.

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