10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Check this out, they put cheese on round bread. It's gonna be big."

i had this whole post written and wow...depressing, so it's gone and now i have nada. i've been writing that a lot lately. big depresso posts and then i delete them. i'm sort of an all or nothing writer, always have been. 30 page history paper due tomorrow "oh! i don't like this sentence." delete the whole thing and start over. i've never been an editor. can you tell? i usually scrap projects the second it looks like they won't finish up the way i planned. sometimes i start over, sometimes i give up completely. that is the essence of why this "project" is so unique. it's the waking up everyday and not quitting that makes the difference.

i've been wondering lately about some dieters. folks who've been at the same weight for ages and ages and are still trying even though nothing seems to change. i've been wondering where the breaking point is? when is it time to accept mediocrity if not defeat? i wonder because at heart i'm a quitter. seeing people struggle makes me cringe, struggling myself makes me insane. there's nothing a quitter likes better than company. a big circle of cowards to lament their failings together for all eternity. but that's not going to happen because they're all too strong. they face the hard times and they keep going. and so will i. i have nothing to lose in trying and everything to gain with my patience.

and that's what i'm thinking about. that and all the folks who've come and gone since the first of the year. if you're still around, you're always welcome. we're here to support eachother and you if you need us. we all know what it's like to have days where you can't face another failure, when the pain of it breaks your heart. i just wanted to say don't give up, that's the only thing worth regretting.


i i eee said...

I haven't had a "breakthrough" in a while, since I haven't been working towards my goal like I should.

But yes, never quitting is the most important thing -and I hope we keep on going...even if it does seem like we're just treading water.

TrixieBelden said...

i agree that the most important thing isn't not failing. it's not getting up and trying again after you have failed. my mother has taught me that through out my life and i am grateful for it. thanks for reminding me.

Debbi said...

I, too, wonder what my breaking point is. I gained a few pounds last fall after a bout with plantar fasciitis. Now that I'm up and at 'em again, and especially since I've been training for a race since January, I've lost maybe three of those extra pounds. I'm sure if it weren't for this weight-loss blogging community I'd have caved a long time ago.

Amy said...

we really have to give ourselves credit for doing our best, instead of hating ourselves for not being the ideal before time.

Mal said...

For me, this is why my Goal Weight is extremely high (from 20-30 pounds higher than what The Charts say). I figure everything after that will just be gravy. Anything after that will be a quality of life improvement, or for fun. Anything after that is just about LOOKING good, and we all know how love-hatey THAT relationship is.

What I mean by "fun" after Goal Weight is, say, running a 5K. I could easily run a 5K at my goal weight, in spite of what The Charts say. Training for one will probably take my weight below that, for a time, but I'm not really so concerned with anything below the Goal Weight, in the end.

Good thoughts in your post, though. Thanks for sharing.