10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Look at her shoes. If a fashion magazine told her to, she'd wear cats strapped to her feet."

172 and my feet are wet. the shoes i wear almost every day hath crackethed. and i'm totally bummed even though i have enough shoes. that's not really the point is it, shoe loving friends o' mine? the point is that my everyday shoes, they've been mortally wounded in the course of their duties. as i type this a single tear falls to the keyboard. it's just that poignant. so i'm doing the zappos thing. no stone unturned. finding the right pair of every day shoes is a difficult task.

it's either that or pay my phone bill. f'ing boring. so i click. the problem now is that i'm attracted to all these earthy, suedey, hippie flat soled creations. completely adorable and so not what i'm looking for. i thought i would eventually be the right height for my waist, you know in pants sizes. but that was dillusional. my legs will always be too short, and i will always need heels. and these are cute too.

i've been all worried about drowning my sorrows in easter bunnies, when hello...shopping. that's way better for the scale. but i have to admit that i haven't found anything i can actually buy. i've given myself permission to replace the aldo's i'm wearing because they were worn everyday, they're over two years old, and they're legitimately making my feet wet with their leakyness. i got my fifty bucks worth. i'm calling it progress that i haven't already checked out of my zappos cart with all those cute shoes that won't meet my current needs. and i'll call it progress when, while at aldo's (duh), if i find a good replacement i buy them without dusting off the catholic guilt.


Weight Master said...

It amuses me how much MOST ladies love shoes and have to have like 50 to 100 pair. I have 5 pairs of shoes:
brown dress
black dress
work-out nikes
"good pair of Nikes"
"yard work" shoes
That's it. And 3 out of the five have lasted me at least 2 years.

Mal said...

The Buffy line kills me! What a perfect way to kick off this entry. I have a favorite pair of shoes that I wish could be repaired, too. I'm still wearing them until I can afford to LOOK at Zappos, but yeah. I hear ya.

Amy said...

we don't talk about the difference between the sexes regarding shoes at my house. you know why. wrenches. my boyfriend could build a fortress out of his wrenches and ratchets and whatevers. they all look the same to me, you could do a lot of jobs with just a few, but to him they're all necessary. just like my shoes.

there is a buffy quote for all occasions. the new hallmark.

i i eee said...

I like the "hippie" shoes.

Amy said...

don't they look comfy?