10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


i can't think of anything great i want to say about 2006. i never really set goals (nothing reasonable anyway) and i haven't reached the end of my official year yet. i figure i have about three weeks left to get back into my routine and maybe keep a steady 173 or 172. today i'm at 174. but i really think i can do a pound or two more before mon anniversaire. i'm going to try. and if it doesn't happen...i have another year. i would be happy to lose another 20 pounds, even if it takes another year...if i can keep it off.

see how reasonable i am. and patient. and not at all freaking out about how long this whole damn thing takes? that's because i'm channelling all of my freak into my finances. i'm starting my whole budget over. it really worked last year until i "trusted" myself. clearly, i'm not trustworthy. and i don't deserve to earn cash back. so from now until a. we move or b. i get the fark out of debt...i am an all cash amy.

i wrote before about missing out on some financial goals i wanted to hit. but i completely neglected the fact that i have not made one purchase this year that was left on credit. i may have used my discover card with less thrift than i ought, i paid the bugger off every month. that's an accomplishment. i have paid off almost three quarters of the debt i started this year with and have an actual savings account for actual emergencies that aren't paying the rent. i went down a dress size. i can button jackets i used to leave open for "the style"...ah huh.

so i'm starting 2007 knowing that i will be out of debt this year, that i will continue to do my best to lose another 20 pounds, and that i've used my yearly quota of these ... grammatically insipid writing devices. and maybe i'll find out if i can start baking for fun and profit. maybe.


i i eee said...

Congrats on getting closer to being out of debt. I hope that I can accomplish the same.

Here's to the new year.

Rebecca said...

here here to that!

to a great year!