10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, December 29, 2006

david and goliath

either my scale is dying or my ass is expanding. how did it go from 172 to 176 in a day? obviously something is amiss. i'm working on the assumption that no break for exercise is a factor. a little one. the biggest factor, i think, is my lack of intuitive eating this week. the bank has this policy of buying us lunch when we're stuck in the building. in my notes for this post i actually wrote "intuitive eating vs. bank". like it's the bank's fault they bought me french fries. and made me eat them. bastards.

the point is it's put my eating routine out of sync this week. i've become very good lately at eating when i'm hungry and mostly eating what i want to. then the options are few...as they are this time of year...i've been filling up on oatmeal and yogurt and lightly sweetened tea. the idea being that if i really wanted a grilled cheese, i could get one...but i don't. most of the time i'm just a little hungry and the foods i've been eating satisfy without making my blood sugar spike (i did research on blood sugar stabilizing foods and all my favorites are on there). not that i'm being sciency, or trying to. but mostly it works.

this week we've been ordering lunch. i've been choosing things that i usually enjoy because that's part of my rules. if i want something, i have it. i've been doing this thing long enough to know that if i tell myself i can't have something i give myself a series of unsatisfying substitutes until i finally give in. thus eating the daily calorie needs for seven men in an hour. bad move. so i've had two servings of french fries this week. two more than i have in the last two months combined. and, honestly, i felt like crap after eating them. did i still order them two days in a row? yes. because i am an idiot. and also it's just easier.

so i guess it's no mystery about the scale. it's just lard. but it's proof the intuitive eating things works. for me. it's proof the blood sugar reducing foods do make a difference when it comes to dodging cravings. for me. i've proven to myself that what i was doing was good for me...i just have to get through today without ordering french fries. or drinking anything till the water comes back on. but that's a different story.


Anonymous said...

I think scales are just out to get us ;). I can weigh at home the day before my official WI and be down five pounds but only be down two the next day and I have no idea why!

Amy said...

silly scales!

i i eee said...

Ooh, now I'm going to be doing some research myself with the blood sugar thing.

And can I say, after reading this...I'm DYING for some french fries!

Amy said...

just don't go to the thirsty whale to get them. they're super fat-tastic there.

Anonymous said...

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