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Thursday, January 04, 2007

carpal who?

i spent hours this morning rearranging my work area so my right arm won't fall off. it's amazingly difficult to use the mouse with my left hand but i'm getting better. since i won't fork up the money for actual medical care, the least i can do is be ergonomically correct.

i've been weighing in between 174-175 the last few days. i'm not terribly surprised as it's taken a while to get back to my routine. what amazes me is how much better i feel when i do the routine things. i don't always remember that, but i'm trying to and that's all i can do really. i've been noticing a too free hand with my daily tea and sugar intake. so i've gone back to the pre-measured packets. it's amazing how the little things add up like that. i'm determined to set things right before it becomes an issue.

on that note i need to re-set my exercise button. in that i haven't done any since october. i had a good plan set up wherein i got to work early and did a half hour tour of town. when it started to get arctic (which has since receded to sub-tropical. the end is totally nigh) i got a little disheartened and limited myself to the short walk i could take at lunch between training duties. and now it's gorgeous and we're full staffed and i could totally be walking all the time, i'm not. i'm sitting on my ass eating granola. so why? even if i get back on my oatmeal regime, i won't lose another twenty pounds in 2007 if i don't get off my arse.

i'm planning to have atleast one good walking session, one stepping session and one pilates session a week. and hopefully i won't do it all on saturday because i'm a lazy bum all week. i'm sure i should be planning to do more, but i'll never stick it. i'll plan to do these three and hope i do more but i won't expect to. i also want to look into what the bank will be buying me for fitness equiptment this year. i really want a treadmill but the reality is i have no room for one. for me to have a chance of using it regularly, it would need to be near a tv. probably it would be worth it to buy a cheap 2nd tv and make an exercise area someplace...but doesn't that sound like a lot of work?

i have to do something and i have a little bit of money to help me out, i guess i have to do some research and see what would be the best use of the money. back to basics: don't eat everything in your house, move your ass, stop feeling quilty because it just makes you depressed. i think i'll have that last one stencilled on my walls.

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Rebecca said...

oh...or perhaps have those words tattooed as a bracelet?

oh wait...that's sorta trashy isn't it?

hhhmmmm...must weigh the pros and cons of that one..;)