10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"no, YOU should go to japanese restaurant hostess school"

i spent this weekend at home. with my sister. and we were silly together. which is really the only way to be with one's sister. and her children who are perfect. even when they fight. the phrase "i am ignoring you. i hate dora." will live on beyond that aisle in target where em and i crashed with laughter and left a bewildered matt to handle the children. and then we went to a japanese steakhouse and waited for three hours for dinner. and we tried to make matt call the restaurant on his cell and ask weird questions but he wouldn't play with us. overall it was a goodtime. i love going home. except when i come back sick.

that's what i did yesterday. i sat on my bed watching Bones and blowing my nose. and drinking tea. and not doing anything remotely diet-y. holding at 174. could be more depressing. it can always be more depressing. it's the knowing i've been giving myself slack that i don't necessarily need that irks me. aww, you don't feel good? have some candy. s.l.a.c.k.e.r.

so i'm going for a walk today. i'm mostly feeling better but i can always pick up some nyquil on my walk if i feel the need of it. it would be wrong not to take advantage of this freakishly beautiful weather. apparently new england hasn't seen temperatures like this (50-60) since 1950. which actually makes me feel better. if it happened 50 years ago and the world didn't end the odds are on our side, right?


i i eee said...

Get well soon!

lovelines said...

hello! just saying hi after reading some of your entries. i love your writing style!

and feel better soon!

Beth Currie said...

It's freakishly warm here, too. I swear I saw blossom on a tree this week. It's just not right.

Amy said...

Thank You, I do feel better!

and Thank You, lately i've been feeling like my entries suck and i needed that. You're a deaahh. (i can't spell maine, no matter how hard i try)

and yes, we have buds too. which makes me wonder about maple sugaring season. it'll probably be farked. but that's to be expected somehow.