10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"i am the bug man, coo-koo catchoo"

i can tell you from experience that it's very difficult to find the right spelling of coo koo catchoo. pretty much every possible spelling has been used on hundreds of pages and it's pretty much impossible. just so y'all know. consider it a public service announcement.

i made nachos for dinner last night. and now i need to think of a vehicle for the red kidney beans i didn't use. i haven't been cooking much lately. the holiday baking thing sort of ruined me for food preparation for awhile. there's been a lot of spaghetti with homemade albeit frozen sauce and broiled fish which doesn't actually take any work. the beans are trickier in that the possibilities are pretty much endless. how lazy am i? lazy enough to make some spanish rice from a box and just chuck the beans in? or will i saute some vaguely mexican-y vegetables and make fajitas?

this sort of reminds me of how they served vegetables in college. the most interesting part of the food was always the name. like how every corn side dish they served was a mix of corn, beans and something green and they would give it an appropriate name to go with the main dish. mediterranean corn, california corn, and mexi-corn which has to be my favorite. maybe i'll make mexi-beans. i have some college friends visiting soon and i have this urge to label all the foods and maybe put up a sneeze guard.

anyway, cooking. which i haven't been doing. and what to do with the beans so they don't spoil before i plan something. i'm sort of thinking soup. because i went through my cupboards last night (14 bags of assorted chocolate chips, for the love of god) and i have many, many things that need to get used before their time. including free-range organic chicken broth for all you dooce fans and some house of thai coconut milk i don't actually remember buying. have you ever gone to allrecipes.com and put in all the random stuff in your cupboard? sadly my whole list doesn't have any recipes, but if i edit the coconut milk i get some decent choices. and if i take out the boring ass chicken broth i get some really cool recipes.

i guess i'm a fan of sweet rice and beans. and links apparently. which i feel sort of bad about. it's sort of like blog roulette around here, whether or not i'll have something interesting to talk about. i don't know what to say about that really. things are definitely different now that i've lost a bit of weight. like the urgency is gone. it seems it wasn't impossible after all and now the impossible part is to keep going. which i definitely want to do. i just have to remind myself more frequently. and with charts. and a power point presentation.

i've definitely been snacking when i wasn't hungry, but just because i wanted something. i haven't done that in ages and it's not helping me get below 174. which is the primary goal right now. i'd really like to do another 20 this year, but i'm going to do it one pound at a time and i'm going to look at it like that. because it's been working for me. i'm not going to be upset that i didn't lose 5 pounds after a hard week, i'm going to be glad that i kept one off. i will retrain my brain if the process kills me. like the marines but with grapefruit.


MayQueen said...

"I'll have some corn and beans, please."
"What do you want?"
(I point to the corn and beans with green and red bits, which is right next to the regular corn)"I'd like the corn and beans please."
"That there's Aztec corn."

Goo-Goo Gajoob!

Amy said...

for all those thinking "she did the holiday baking thing and she didn't send me anything" like i said i would, i didn't. what i did was the "you should be baking" every single day and never actually did it. because i am a lazy lazy amy.