10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


you know what happens when you're all excited to wear your sexy heels to work? you totally forget to pack shoes to walk in. for as much as i think about footwear, i'm always forgetting about it. the last pair of sneakers i bought was on the first leg of a road trip to quebec city. because i only took the flip flops i was wearing when we got in to the car. moron. i had three maps, cash in two currencies, the phone numbers of every hotel with availability on our route. and no shoes. so my very patient friend who flew all the way from baltimore to drive another 5 hours had to stop and shoe shop with me. and then we had to buy socks. those are the sneakers i exercise in. a very fancy pair of new balances. they were service-able* for the trip but they give me the most perfect blisters when i run in them.

this hasn't been much of an issue because i've been a slacker. and also i've been stepping more than running. the point is that i've been exercising in shoes bought under duress and furthermore i routinely forget the duress shoes and then i'm strapped at work for my walk. yesterday i went to the sports store and took a gander at their running shoes, because i really do want to start running again. properly. i'm amazed to say that i've discovered endorphins from exercise. they kick in at the exact moment that i would normally be ready to give up. i learned all this from the stepper. i've been goading myself to always beat the last high number and i've realized the last two weeks that i routinely beat it because i want to keep going not because i need to do twenty more to make it past yesterday's high. i haven't even been looking at the counter the last few weeks.** i get to this point where my legs are killing me but i just don't want to stop moving. i want to get there with running.

the hard truth is that i'm more willing to spend 60 bucks on sex kitten heels that i'll never wear than i am to buy real running shoes so i can finally shift this ass. i looked at a few pairs of shoes, and then i went back to work. i must have a problem with commitment. i have almost decided to trade in the chinese laundry heels for proper running shoes. the problem is not that i don't believe they'll be worth it. i have to convince myself that i won't quit running again. that with shoes that don't cause blisters and pants that don't fall down i will be able to keep going long enough to not want to stop. what do they say? if you go fast enough you can't see where you came from. sometimes i think that's exactly what this whole journey is about for me.

* huh?
** ofcourse i dropped my cd player on it and now it doesn't always work...that could have a small part to do with it.


Rebecca said...

OH MY GOD....i'm the same way!!!

I have no problem dropping $200+ on a pair of designer shoes, that I really only wear a few times a year (if that!) yet when it comes to shoes that I wear daily (ie my workout shoes) i get all price concious!

on top of that, i read somewhere that if you workout a lot (daily) your supposed to get new shoes like every 3 to 4 monthes!

umm...yeah...ok first off, i tend to go to nikes outlet store where i routinely spend approx 45 dollars, and secondly this only happens once a year so i normally only get new shoes once a year!

i should also mention I hate Nike's...i don't think they are they best shoes for my foot..I prefer Asciscs (sp?) however there is no Ascics outlet store near so I i suffer the blisters the Nikes give me..

Amy said...

that's part of it. i don't know what shoe is best to get. and i feel like i have so many pairs of sneakers that one of them should work, but they're all old or uncomfortable. if you run a lot of miles you're supposed to replace your shoes like twice a year atleast. i'm freaking out about it.

MayQueen said...

Hello darling. I followed the link and here I am, to add my two cents about shoes. You remember the summer we spent in Meyran and we went to the shoe store at the mall to buy me real sneakers so I could walk around campus and get some exercise? Those are still the only pair of sneaker I own, which I shall be wearing a lot now since my boots finally crapped out on me. Constantly stepping in mud and puddles in the back of a nursery will do that to leather.

Amy said...

aww, your poor boots. you loved those. i think i've found someone to take some of my docs (who can use them) i hardly ever wear them and they're doing nobody any good.

Anonymous said...

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