10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


nearly half of people surveyed would rather give up a year of their life than be fat. christ, it's not that bad.


Jennette Fulda said...

I'm surprised some people would rather be alcoholic than fat. Have these people ever met an alcoholic? My best friend's dad is an alcoholic and it's caused major suffering and pain not just for him but for his whole family. I'm sure she'd rather he was fat than drunk off his ass half the time.

Kyra said...

I was going to say I was surprised... but then think about all the people who are jumping at the chance to take pills to lose weight with the KNOWN risks of stroke and heart failure? They're willing to give up WAY more than a year of their life.

When I was sitting at 230 lbs I don't think I would have given up a year of my life to get thin. But if anyone had asked me for my husband, I was open to negotiations! ;)

snackiepoo said...

Madness - I am sorry but we can do something about being fat so why give up life and/or limb to do so? Ick.

Amy said...

i wonder if they'd say the same about irreparable scarring or wrinkles? is it fat considered disfiguring.