10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, May 19, 2006


last night matt, professional boyfriend and amateur runner, examined all of my sneakers. because i can't seem to get off this shoe kick now that i have the tiniest bit of expendable income. he pronounced them all unfit. even my newest ones are too worn. so i'm going to get over myself and buy some new ones. strictly for running, doesn't matter how ugly they are, must be a perfect fit, no taking the less than perfect ones just because they're 5 dollars cheaper. and now maybe i can talk about actually running instead of shoes 24/7.

in other news, it's not just my exercise pants falling off my ass. my favorite jeans are now falling off my ass too. as witnessed by three banks worth of people learning about the changes in our health insurance plan. and the lovely woman whom i've never seen before telling me to pull up my pants. i really wanted to say "and you are the ass police?" but i didn't. i was so restrained, y'all would be proud.

i'm sure i should be pleased about my clothes falling off me, but damn, i didn't think it would be like this. the in between of sizes is really confusing. there's so much to get used to. the lovely D was talking about how things change so fast. you work out and eat right for weeks and then they put the ice cream cakes on sale (i had a coupon too) and you're back where you started. i suppose the difference is whether or not you give up. the difference between ending up having to get sawn out of your house and doing your first 5k. so we push on. trying is better than giving up.


Amy said...

so far i've got enough stuff that's just starting to fit that i don't really have to shop...but man do i want to. bad bad bad.

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